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Embarrassing & Funny

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For those folks who post their confusion and annoyance with people who block for no reason I want to share this.
Not because it bothers me, I am blocked several times a day by people with rice paper thin skin. Who needs to communicate with people like that ? I'm sharing it because I laughed out loud.It's a new level of ultra sensitivity and just goes to show you that it's really their issue.
No names mentioned, the poster said " My name should be Armstrong" response was an attempt at humor.." a little deodorant could help with that"
His response was that he reported me and then he blocked me. Honestly, is that hilarious or what?? What is it that he reported? That Fernie accused me of being smelly?
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Mar 6, 2018
Edited: 1 yr ago
revenant · F
smh ! loved the rice paper thin skin metaphor :)
Fernie · F
[@476282,revenant] can you imagine being in a relationship with someone like that? yikes
Pherick · 36-40, M
Wow, thats some seriously thin skin ..
Zakblood · 36-40, M
Beats me! What good does reporting something like that do? Silly, if you ask me.
Fernie · F
[@689994,Zakblood] It IS silly
LyricalOne · F
People of many different mental statuses on this nut farm we call SW. 🙂
Fernie · F
😄[@638129,LyricalOne] "nut farm"
LyricalOne · F
[@331316,Fernie] A while back I asked the question, “Ever feel like someone’s done you a favor by blocking you?” The answer for me is still yes! Go I say, go be with the others on the mothership! 👽
Fernie · F
[@638129,LyricalOne] LMBFAO!!!!!!!!
GJOFJ3 · 61-69, M
Oh good lord.
That is stupid sensitive.
Your answer was very witty
WuZetian · 31-35, F
Ignore them Fern..Let them eat cake lol
Fernie · F
[@299394,Jadenightbird] Ignoring them was my point. I never care if someone blocks me...I dodged a bullet as far as I am concerned.
hlpflwthat · M
Struck a nerve. His nickname was 'Stinky' in HS.
Honeylove · 41-45, F
I'm not surprised 😳 So many stupid people in the world.
Fernie · F
[@579402,Honeylove] Poor things
Blynx · 46-50, F
To me, that would be funny. You'd have me laughing so hard, I'd cry. 😂
Fernie · F
[@362624,HeartWingz] I'll be here all week :>
Blynx · 46-50, F
[@331316,Fernie] 😄
jaynealcock · 36-40, F
So this is really a deodo rant
Fernie · F
[@607256,jaynealcock] It's a "SECRET"
Fernie · F
[@331316,Fernie] OH!! I just got that ! "deodo rant" HA!!!

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Embarrassing & Funny
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For those folks who post their confusion and annoy... | Embarrassing & Funny | Similar Worlds