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Is there really a thin line between pain and pleasure? O.o

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curmudgeon1968 · 51-55, M
it is a big blurry line that is easy to cross
amandra · 22-25, F
I see someone has already experienced crossing it ;)
I suspect it's a thinner line for some people than others. When something hurts, I immediately stop.
amandra · 22-25, F
@bijoux oh like love? :(
Yes. Love shouldn't hurt.
VioletRayne · 31-35, F
[c=#4C0073]nope it's a gaping canyon for me. I do DO NOT under no circumstances do pain.[/c]
SoulAsylum · 31-35, M
Some have no line.
WCguy79 · 41-45, M
Very thin
This message was deleted.
TheProphet · M
Pain can morph into pleasure and be very enjoyable. Most are too afraid to try.
xmedleft · 51-55, M
Depending on what kind. I have endured pain to ensure the acquiring of pleasure by my partner, and I have found pleasure in things that were supposed to be painful. I can inflict pain if my partner assures me they are having pleasure through it...
nevergiveup · 61-69, M
i do sexual spanking and the women i have had loved it

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