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Does anyone at your job wear really strong cologne/perfume?
So strong that you know they're there [b]NOT[/b] because you saw them, but because you smell their cologne/perfume?? 馃槅
26-30, F
10 replies
Sep 19, 2017
Bluebell31-35, F
It used to be like that until that person left.
TotesNFC26-30, M
They're covering up farts
That's happened a few times. I can smell when someone's been past from their fragrance.
iamnikki26-30, F
[@554696,MechE96] yes, that's exactly what i mean
whoowho36-40, F
Yes 馃槖
JustEd31-35, M
We call him the axe man
iamnikki26-30, F
[@323960,JustEd] lol
unitX31-35, M
No, because the job deals with very strong scents so is rather pointless.
TikiMarie26-30, F
Yes this fat Black woman you can smell her before she gets out of her car in the parking lot.
chris62ca56-60, M
Oh yes. Lol
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