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I Often Have Random Thoughts

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College degrees are useless today because they have lost value in the eyes of employers as a lot of people have them. How are we supposed to do anything with them if no one wants to hire us? And some employers are looking for people who already have experience in the field. So how are we supposed to get experience if they don’t want to give us a chance? And then there’s all that student loan debt that can’t be paid off because we can’t get jobs in our fields to start paying. We’re stuck with these crappy dead end service jobs that don’t pay enough to live on as well as pay the debt. There is no winning unless you’ve got a job that is in demand. It’s never worth it if the job is in the arts or in something you enjoy because it’s a passion. Unless you’re passionate about science, medical, or military, or computer engineering (correct me if I’m forgetting anything) then you have no hope. Screw this life!
36-40, F
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Mar 16, 2019
Hiddentears · 31-35, F
I completely agree
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I Often Have Random Thoughts
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