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12 minutes left in BULLET BALLET

over on Letterboxd, there's a big fan of this Tsukamoto film, who watched it every day for a whole month. What movie would you do that for? For me i think it would have to be something i enjoy but don't fully comprehend yet, maybe Persona, that might be the next film, dawn is fast approaching, it'll be good to see Ingmar's fantastic 1966 masterpiece in the dark, i love the opening, and the dreamy moments like when Liv comes into Bibi's room at night while the foghorn blows melancholily, and they sort of mesh together in a strange way. When Bergman later combines their faces, i'm not that bowled over, i can clearly see it's Liv on one side, Bibi on the other .... blah blah blah 🥳

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