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Well pretty soon i'll check the mail

The best box set ever may be there, 39 Ingmar Bergman films. To eat up the last few minutes, let me just meander around vocabularily on this extraordinary filmmaker and the momentous circumstances involved at this juncture of a humble and tenacious film collector

● Ingmar Bergman's Cinema represents to me the opening of the last and most exciting stage, that of Blu-ray. For a long time i resisted this format stubbornly, and was painfully aware of so many groovy releases only on that format. So you see how momentous this is, finally accepting the switcheroonie, and beginning to bask in the wonders, the many many wonders, as far and as slow as my meagre income can allow.

● In preparation, last night played the first episode of Scenes From a Marriage, and it was like slipping into some comfortable article of clothing again, after such a long time without it. Bergman's aesthetic is so pristine, so professional, so daring, so unflinching, tender and vicious. This film lays bare the common emotions of married people with breathtaking exactitude, an honesty that is unparallelled.

● Last night settled on a great youtuber's fine 13 videos covering of this set, and mostly paid heed to his ranking of the 39, i found his thoughts comforting and enticing, for a couple films that will be new to me, and for my faves too, such reverence he has for the best of these works, it is just as pleasurable to hear good praise as the films themselves.

● Ingmar was one of the first directors of my initial collecting phase, and this will be an underlining of that, a reinforcement, and what i find even before i've recieved it is a hunger and need for more sets like it, sets that provide a comprehensivity to a filmmaker's work. MORE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE, is what i cry out inside where noone can overhear and ship me off to the looney bin.

29 videos about this set, drool over it my fellow cinephiles, make it even more popular than it is now, and send a message that there is a reason why these kinds of releases matter, and should happen more often.

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HatterM · 46-50, M
I know he is much admired. Of course I have "Persona" in it's uncut release, but none of his others. I'm sure volumes could be written about his style and film language. I am sure you will enjoy your hew collection. I have used blu-ray very sparingly due to much higher cost when I used to collect and compatibily issues for playback using PCs.
SW User
[@1044765,htreaty] A top 5 Persona is. Thank you, and i will, alas i must wait a little longer though. If you'd like one more to see, see Fanny and Alexander.
HatterM · 46-50, M
[@885950,Theonewhochirps] I've watched a few more over the years but never purchased.

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