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Here i survey the films of the last decade that i like and love, i tend to focus on older films, but i am glad to see that modernity doesn't suck totally, and i do believe the 10's contain plenty more for me to discover in my own time.


1. Parasite - i was so glad this got the Oscar recognition, it is a great masterpiece, entertaining, deep, just genius, i showed it to a family member and sure enough worked like a charm, hope we as a world are only getting the beginning of this amazing South Korean director's work.
2. The Lighthouse - extremely good, but i like The Witch better, but here it's technically more impressive, 2 great gifted actors giving it their all.
3. Us - pretty good, not imo as good as Get Out, Jordan Peele needs his next movie to not deal with race anymore, like grow up man, tell something original!
4. Joker - i include this because it is a phenomenal work, all these 4 are the only films i've seen made in 2019, Joker deserves to be seen again, and then i can be more ok with it as a whole.,


5. Mandy - should experience this again soon, colorful, wicked, spooky, bonkers.


6. Get Out - instant love for this, nearly flawless.


7. Don't Breathe - a scary movie, well made, claustrophobic with a surprising twist.


8. The Assassin - one of the most beautiful films i've seen, I LOVE THE LANGUAGE!!
9. The Forbidden Room - you could argue that this is pretty pretentious, but it is also pretty funny, it's a large canvas array of different stories linked together in a ludricous way.
10. The Witch - love thinking of this cannot wait to pop it in again, i want to dig my teeth more into the drama those people are going through.


11. Snowpiercer - very good, and enjoyable.


12. The Turin Horse - the last film of the great Bela Tarr, incredibly bleak and minimal.
13. A Seperation - award winning masterpiece about marital problems in Iran, excellent!
14. Le Havre - light and dazzling will get better the more i see it.


15. Insidious - i really liked this, thrilling and exciting, so much better than The Conjuring imo, the 2nd was ok, the third felt way off, have not seen the 4th installment yet, not a high priority of mine.

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