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I Have A Unique View On Life And Death

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Do you think life is most important
or afterlife? cud this life be preparation for afterlife? do you think afterlife is lot much longer experience?
or is there any afterlife at all?
Babaji · 70-79, M
This life is very important.
It gives us a chance to learn our
Spiritual Truth. It gives us a chance
to work off Karma that we have accrued this lifetime,
and the Karma we brought from previous lifetimes.
The body will live and die, but the Soul
is eternal. So in Essence you are God living as you.
There is living proof of this within you. This truth can be
realized and experienced through deep Meditation.
Going within, past the incessant thoughts, past the Ego,
Awakening the Self in the stillness that is full of light.
Deep meditation with concentrated focus within the
Ajna Chakra (The Third eye) will open the door
to the oneness of Being.
Your question about the afterlife...When we leave our body we
travel to where our Karma takes us. There are many levels of consciousness.
One of my teachers, Swami Muktananda, wrote a book entitled
"Play of Consciousness" in which He describes a trip in a Golden Chariot
that appeared while he was in Deep meditation. He saw many worlds
of different levels of Karma. One was a world full of Cow Dung
in which all of the people were naked and sitting on piles of Dung.
Yuck...maybe some heavy Karma? There were many beautiful and lush
worlds as well...
Anyway,. ...So... we work out some Karma
in the afterlife, learn some things, Then who we are at that point
with our Karma and how much we have progressed along the path...
Our circumstances will dictate where we take another body
to continue our work on the path to enlightenment.
Babaji · 70-79, M
Very nice indeed
enjoyed reading that.
Thank You
Babaji · 70-79, M
Was in India
Lived in my first teachers ashram for a year
Guru Maharaji. He was 13 At the time.
It was after i left his ashram, he sent all of his
devotees back to the states to spread the word,
That i was with Satya Sai Baba, Neem Karoli Baba
and seeing Babaji.
.....Jesus i was with on the Astral plane. He just dropped in on me and gave me some words of wisdom.
.....Similar to meeting Meher Baba.
I was on a train going through Germany
and was thinking about him because he
had just left his body. All of a sudden
i wasn't on the train anymore but sitting on a bench
with Meher Baba in a very beautiful garden.
He talked to me about the value in being silent.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@948523,Babaji] [@948523,Babaji] wow. 🙏
You are loving one blessed life, having met all those masters.

The afterlife better be better then this 😳

It’s been one hell of a test
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@327405,theOnebianyouwerewarnedabout] definitely very hard
SoulKey · 26-30
If life is se01 then afterlife would be Se02
SoulKey · 26-30
[@948854,Om2014] Just my perception.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@544672,SoulKey] i respect that
Fernie · F
[@544672,SoulKey] how can we know what the numbers are...we could be at 20
I'm to the point I don't care about either fucking one
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@4018,ExperienceDLT] oh lucky you mate
hunkalove · 61-69, M
I think we are reborn over and over again, as humans or animals or as hungry ghosts or hell-beings. Very few of us get into heaven, and that isn't forever. The reason why there were so many of us boomers is because we are the people who died in WWII. I was a soldier and I remember dying.
Kittymoondrop · 70-79, F
[@45528,hunkalove] omg I never thought of it that way

or maybe people just had a new appreciation of life, babies, and all that, in a new luxurious era of..."peace"
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@1118414,Kittymoondrop] "peace" yeah outside, comparatively yes, but it has gotten worse inside :|
Kittymoondrop · 70-79, F
[@948854,Om2014] in the usa after ww2 everyone had babies because it was no sweat anymore

CallMeDex · 26-30, M
There had better be an afterlife and it had better be good, considering how difficult life can be.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@8731,CallMeDex] it better be!
All that matters is : Now.

What we indulge in present, if left incomplete would reach its completion through us later.

Unseen is futile a debate to indulge in.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@24735,Silentspectator] I have msgd you, did you notice by any chance
[@948854,Om2014] I see through all now. Late but I do see now.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@24735,Silentspectator] oh the omniscient you, om. of course
Blondie04 · F
I look at it that we each are here which is a miracle to begin with. Yet we all know our present lives don't really last that long. No one has come back from the dead and told us what its like after death. So either we dwell on death or just accept it and hope that after death we are reunited with our deceased families or have a deep eternal rest. Both sound fine to me. But this meme really explains it all for me.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@605074,Blondie04] great thoughts, and how very interesting picture. Many ask "what after death?" but no1 asks " what was before birth?" very interesting indeed
Blondie04 · F
Thank you. I found this meme comforting a while ago. It makes sense to me.[@948854,Om2014]
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@605074,Blondie04] No. Thankyou ! :) thankyou for sharing your thoughts
You don't know if there would be an afterlife for you or not?, how it would be?, which things you will have and which not?

What you have in your hand is your present life and the present time. Take the best use of it. Even if there is afterlife, it's always good to live with focus on your current life ad live the best possible way.
[@948854,Om2014] This is YOU, who have to decide what is important for you. Learn and understand about who you are, and live the right way, but forget about any god given purpose of life.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@657449,ABCDEF7] i guess thats the first task lol
[@948854,Om2014] It is.
StarLily · 46-50, F
What about beforelife? My thoughts are always open to change as life evolves me and teaches me more. But presently, I believe beforelife and afterlife are one in the same.

I always find it interesting when I hear the the topic of eternal life... as though it's something that begins when our human life ends. Because with eternal, there is no after. Eternal has no beginning or end... it always was and is.

I believe our soul, our spirit, our energy is our true self. An existence that is experiencing this flesh. Evolving and growing itself through this experience. We all come from the same existence, some closer than others, and there we will all find ourselves again. Actually, I believe we are there now... but we are experiencincing it through our human selves.

Like I said, I'm open to broadening my perspective on this🤭... but presently, this is what I believe.
Om2014 · 26-30, M
[@18164,StarLily] oh wow. those are some great thoughts. you mam are at a very advanced level :)
keep me updates as you learn more! maybe some intense experiences

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I Have A Unique View On Life And Death
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