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I Have Random Thoughts

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The deep-rooted cause of almost every problem that we have is related to the circumstances we had in our first fifteen years or so. Exceptions would be trauma, etc. that happened later in your life.
For example, if you are angry with someone and you ask yourself why then you might find that it is so because you don't feel respected and why you feel you don't feel respected is probably because you think you are not competent enough and if you go deeper then you might find it was because as a child no one appreciated your peculiarities and you felt neglected. This was just one example. Similarly, all sorts of negative reactions are a result of something that happened in childhood. I haven't yet reached the point where you cure it. I have heard that self acceptance is key to it.
18-21, M
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Mar 6, 2017
Tommy · 31-35, M
Maybe. But your talking adolescent behavior. I'm more interested in maturity. The moment you accept your own challenges in life despite where u come from.
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
I'm not talking about adolescent behavior only. I am talking about "adolescent" behavior. Every adult gets angry, sad, lonely, etc. I see that everyday so do not deny and they would put blame on someone else. Even when you get mature according to what you say, you often react unexpectedly even as a "mature" adult if you have not explored why and how your subconscious reacts to things and do not deny it because this is a symptom in almost every adult.
In good situations everyone can act mature.
Tommy · 31-35, M
I'm not even going to challenge that. Honestly I love how u think. It's unique. But you seem young. Give it another 5 or so years. You'll see what I'm talking about.
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
That I can do of course. Yeah I am pretty sure if not my mindset at least my circumstances are going to change a lot in these five years.
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