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I Have Random Thoughts

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I don't know if I am too intelligent or too foolish to not believe in what people usually believe in. I cannot fool myself to believe in something. I try to have faith and I get that faith for like two or three days but then it seems bullshit. Is futility the truth and nihilism the path? Detachment is definitely peace. That is probably the only thing I can always consider to be the truth because be it any religion or any spiritual leader or any knowledgeable person they would say the same thing. Attachment causes pain for sure. So then maybe to get detached is the aim of life. But then why would you do anything if you were detached? Do you do something without caring about results at all? Then what is the point of studying, socializing, etc. when your aim is to get detached? People would say it is to create facilities for those who would later have the leisure time to explore the truth themselves.

When your own internal organs are not run by you. When your own mind is not run by you. When your own heart guides you like it is some other voice then how can you claim yourself to be what you look like. You are not your body or your mind or your heart or anything because if you were you could control it on your own will. You are just a tiny observer, like me, hiding inside this body. Is that a good thing? Surely that's a relief because now you don't have to care about what people think about your mind or your body. Your mind is like a sponge which absorbs whatever it likes or impressed by or fears and does not absorb whatever is boring or repelling by nature.

I would hope that this world stops all the activity and walk hand in hand towards extinction. Just because we can do something we do it without a well defined purpose without thinking of its effects on the earth. Animals would be better off without us. We would be better off without us. Since we are observers maybe we would just lose our body and not us and maybe become something more contributing towards nature.

I don't know what I am doing just like everyone else with just a minor difference that I am at least aware of the fact that I am not aware of what I will actually achieve after whatever it is that I am doing. Maybe that is why detachment is peace. That is our nature. To be a detached observer.
18-21, M
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Mar 5, 2017
QueenOfQuirk · 18-21, F
Very insightful.
It's a struggle between
which ends up in
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
Sad I could only heart it once.
Obito · 26-30, M
Ha. I'm the same way. I was thinking about that earlier. Actually, for lucid dreaming, I read some thing that suggested that you "know" you're going to have a lucid dream before you go to bed. So, it requires self-delusion. But I just cannot do it, either.

This is what the Buddhists say. Part of the Four Noble Truths. 1. Life is pain. 2. The source of pain is desire.

Holy shit. You're right. I make it a point to stay as detached as possible. But maybe that's why I don't want to do things that would ultimately make my life better. It's rare that someone brings up a point I haven't thought about. Even if that sounds pretty overly arrogant.

I agree. Humans would be better off dead. I'm for the voluntary extinction of the human race. So, basically, everyone just stops reproducing, lives out their lives, and when the last human dies, no more humans. That'll never happen, but that's what I support.

You have some nice thoughts. I approve. Though, I think one can program their own mind as a means to get pointed in the direction they want to go. And, as you say, the mind is a sponge, so if you consciously tailor what you put in it, you could help program your mind.

There's also lucid dreaming or meditation or hypnosis which can further allow you to become more aware of yourself. Lucid dreaming to talk to your unconscious; meditation for the same; and hypnosis to literally program your mind.
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
Thank you very much for the insight. Thoughts like these are rarely appreciated. I do what I do since I can do nothing else. By that I mean I do research works and engineering but I can hardly care more about consequences.
How long does it take to really master in lucid dreaming? I can do it for like seconds. It is easy to just realize that you are in a dream but very hard to maintain it. Yes I guess that is the way to go. To know our mind. At least that way we could know whether our senses are perfect enough to observe reality.
And I couldn't put it better. Mind requires so much training and manipulation that you would think what exactly is real. In order to have more time to find this, of course we need to do at least those stuffs which would make us survive for the time being.
SagePoet · M
Good versus evil. We have spoke about the Truth and what it takes to find it and keep it. The devil only cares that you remain a detached observer. That makes him very happy. I will pray that you continue seek that which seems unattainable to you for in reality it's is most within your grasp but you need to push past, against the grain.
"Wide is the gate that leads to destruction, narrow is the gate that leads to eternal life."
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
According to what you are saying, I have a huge tendency to do what the devil wants and I always seem t fall back on the same path.
I will definitely try to find it as you are saying.
SagePoet · M
Truth lives in the spirit. The devil enters your thoughts through your mind. It's a tough concept, mind versus spirit but it is real. I live in the spirit. I am on guard for if I let the devil in through my mind, he will come and thus destruction will be at my feet.
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
I sort of understand. Self awareness is required
SagePoet · M
It's more than self awareness, but it's a start but I understand that you don't understand. But you are trying and I commend you for that. Find a quiet place, nature, maybe. And meditate and confess that you don't know the answers and that you want to be guided to the Truth. Your spirit as I told you is seeking the Truth. I will pray on your behalf.@itjustbegan:
itjustbegan · 18-21, M
Thank you. Yeah I will follow that. I understand I do not know the answers.
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