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I Have Random Thoughts

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I have respect for people under all of the main political labels, and agree with some of their views, except for progressives.

Progressives are pretty much a cross between socialists, and a team of kindergarten soccer players running after a ball of demagoguery in one big clump, without any understanding of strategy or the larger picture.
31-35, M
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Nov 16, 2016
sighmeupforthat · 41-45, M
i don't.. most if not all have no clue what's going on but rage on about things like they do anyways.
BlueDiver · 31-35, M
Agreed - but there's a difference between respecting a set of beliefs, and respecting the way that a person comes by those beliefs, and goes about them.
SW User
I am going to assume that I would fall under that label, however I have spent quite a bit of thought coming to conclusions, and I am nothing like what you describe.
SW User
@BlueDiver: I disagree, but to a point. The problem is that the Democratic party has attempted to cater to everyone, which simply isn't possible. There are basic principles, then there is all of the other stuff thrown in to make different people happy. It becomes a bit haphazard and loses clear goals at times.
BlueDiver · 31-35, M
I'll say this - talking to you, a progressive, and hearing actual coherent arguments with thought and balance to them, proves that not all progressives are 5 year olds chasing a soccer ball. Some have actually thought about the issues and have something to say about them.
SW User
@BlueDiver: Thanks. I appreciate that =) Believe it or not, I think university students complaining about statues of Woodrow Wilson and quotes from Thomas Jefferson are complete idiots. Nothing is good in excess. Even water can kill you if you drink too much... In attempting to make up for past wrongs they have gone so far that they have completely lost their way. You cannot judge history by today's values.

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