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I Am Confused

There’s this guy.. can’t decide if he’s into himself and thinks I like him or if he likes me and thinks I like him.. or just likes me. He’s stared at me a little longer than “normal” when we walk by each other. Like I don’t know if he wants to say something, but doesn’t or what his deal is. He’s said my name loudly when asking about me like he was trying to get my attention (I was in the room). He doesn’t really say much to me, though. He once sent me a short text that was suggesting he noticed my butt. I didn’t respond because I was confused by it at first. He’s never texted me anything like that since. He knows I’m in a committed relationship. I’m just curious, you know? I’m not going to leave my SO for him, but it’s just one of those things that’s going to bug me until I find out.

Guys.. what are your thoughts? I understand I didn’t give much detail. Personally, I think he’s a player and a couple times of smiling back at him got him thinking I have the hots for him or something.
Lostpoet · 31-35, M
Yes, you looked at him so now he thinks you will maybe one day sleep with him. The best thing to do is just remind him that you have someone else and if he still hits on you than he is just a bad person.
JustcallmeNameless · 31-35, F
If you have an SO why do you care?

I'd tell him to stop texting me and ask him what he's staring at.
Sounds to me like he likes you, but may be a little intimidated.
LyricalOne · F
Sounds like a tool.
veridane79 · 26-30, F
😂😂 more or less [@638129,LyricalOne]
SW User
First of all he sounds like a jerk but secondly, why will it bug you?
SW User
[@650215,veridane79] I’m sure the guy thinks you’re attractive but he sounds weird.
There’s your answer. Lol
veridane79 · 26-30, F
Good answer lol [@587991,DarkSky]
SW User
[@650215,veridane79] 👍🏻
LookingIn · M
From what you've said he sounds more like me ... shy/crap with women 😁
veridane79 · 26-30, F
He has no problem with talking to women, though! But I’m more introverted and maybe he’s intimidated by that lol[@711887,LookingIn]
LookingIn · M
I'm ok with women I don't fancy :) And introverted women are hell because you don't give anything away so I have no idea if you're interested or not 😃 [@650215,veridane79]
veridane79 · 26-30, F
😂😂 well that could be. He is more chatty with older women and women that he most likely wouldn’t sleep with
samueltyler2 · 70-79, M
Maybe he is just shy. Say something to him.

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