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I Prefer Love Over Money

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It Makes Sense... I told my father yesterday that I prefer love over money; he responded with utter incredulity. It just does not compute to him. But to me, nothing ever made more sense.

I grew up in a loveless household, yet all my financial needs were provided for. I even got the opportunity to study, a privilege not everyone gets. I was miserable, and told myself that I'd take love over money any day. But what does a child know of either love or money?

Two years ago, however, I got the chance to test this theory. I made an impulsive decision to move in with my boyfriend, even though he was unemployed. He remained unemployed for six months, during which I experienced poverty for the first time.

Everyone expected me to crawl back to my dad with my tail between my legs, but I didn't. No amount of money could buy the love that my boyfriend and I share, money is rendered valueless in comparison.

Love enabled me to experience happiness for the first time in as long as I care to remember. Money can't give you the strength to stand up in the morning... Money can't conquer depression... But love can.

I have experienced both sides of the spectrum and can confidently say that I'd take love over money any day.
26-30, F
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Jul 17, 2013
Children know EVERYTHING about love. They are shameless in receiving it, and the art of giving it can be taught.
Lullacus · 26-30, F
Adult minds are capable of a deeper level of understanding than that of a kid. Add a basic understanding of money - which most adults hopefully have. Combined with the additional years of experience you have gained, you as an adult can then make an informed personal decision. Kids are more likely to make such a decision based on what their parents would choose, instead of making a choice for themselves.
Drawing on epigenetics... from the time we start growing, our cells are picking up information and those traits that receive love grow and those that don't, die, generally speaking. What I was speaking to was the ability for children to be less in their own ways of loving things, people, and experiences. They experience a freedom of love in general that adults almost always struggle to reattain. Its true. A lot of people have forgotten and are jaded by love, because as we age, our experiences do not necessarily inform us to the extent that they totally inform us to do best by ourselves and our decisions. Fewer barriers.

I do understand what you mean though as an adult is possible to understand it much much more deeply, in a more complex way, a more cerebral way. But I say we are inherently advocators for and of love. We simply are capable of growing that ability one way or another. Like two identical twins. One has a great family, one has a single addicted foster parent. Even though genetically THE EXACT SAME person, they have vastly disparate concepts of love, and perhaps one has a less comprehensive understanding of love than he or she did BEFORE being awake to whatever life was for them.
Lullacus · 26-30, F
Wow, I have never thought of it that way, but it makes sense. Thanks, I love getting different perspectives on things.

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I Prefer Love Over Money
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