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I Love Cooking For People I Love

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Current obsession - zucchini noodles.
46-50, F
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Mar 2, 2017
SW User
never ate them before
LipstickandHeels · 46-50, F
I had a recipe that called for them with shrimp, spinach, garlic - essentially they were a substitute for pasta. Well cutting a zucchini into noodles seemed like an awful lot of work so I just made the recipe with pasta. Then I saw this tool at a kitchen store that quickly makes the noodles out of veggies. Now I'm a huge fan.
SW User
@LipstickandHeels: I always wanted to bake zucchini bread
they say it is moist
LipstickandHeels · 46-50, F
@JustImagine: I made it one year when neighbors garden had a huge surplus. Great for sneaking extra vegetables into kids!
elVato · 41-45, M
wife was on that kick maybe a year ago.
yeah, they're ok. but their not good 'ol noodle-noodles, especially if you don't cook 'em right.

'nope, these aren't al dente, they're crunchy... somethins' just not right'
elVato · 41-45, M
@LipstickandHeels: [image=]
LipstickandHeels · 46-50, F
@elVato: ok, seriously just lol'd
elVato · 41-45, M
@LipstickandHeels: it's not a word oft used in day to day conversation.
SW User
Never had that one before
LipstickandHeels · 46-50, F
Surprisingly good.
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I Love Cooking For People I Love
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Current obsession - zucchini noodles. | I Love Cooking For People I Love | Similar Worlds