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Only the good cops I support

I don’t know if this is just me feeling this way but I feel like they should give cops better guns when they go out in the field because the enemies got like ARs , SMG‘s , LMGs when they only give cops pistols like they gonna die like they’re trying to clear the streets with people like that and they can’t get a better gun to protect themselves and others around
And they should really upgrade the cars , faster cars
BlueVeins · 18-21, M
To my understanding, when police officers die, it's [i]usually[/i] not from being outgunned, but because someone got the jump on them (or accidentally hit them with a car). Of the 89 officers who died in 2019, 48 died from foul play and 41 died due to accidents. Of those 48, 34 of them were murdered with handguns, 7 with rifles, 1 with a shotgun, and 2 with firearms that weren't specifically reported.

So out of all 89 deaths, only 10 of them could conceivably be characterized as having been "outgunned". And that's not even to say that those 10 officers [i]wouldn't have[/i] died if they had Armalites or whatever; it's possible they were just killed while they weren't looking.

A pistol is just a really good choice of gun for most law enforcement. They're not easy to steal, they're not to heavy, easy to store on their person, and quick to draw. Imagine a cop having to take a rifle off their back at a traffic stop if they saw a speeder pulling a handgun. They'd never get their shot off in time.

That's not to say there shouldn't be any law enforcement with long guns or SMGs; it's a fine concept in like, hostage situations and stuff. But it doesn't make sense for normal officers.
I don’t know where you live, but some police have managed to kill plenty of unarmed individuals with those handguns. I only worry that with military firepower some of the “bad apples” would kill larger groups of people at a time. 😞
pikminboy · 26-30, M
its kinda wrong, because whenever a shooter is armed with a rifle, automatically they send out SWAT polices ,which are armed to the teeth and wears body armors
murderinaLatina · 31-35, F
[@950803,pikminboy] I feel like when they do the swat they have better guns than normal policeman with pistols and they should have them with ARs Because normally an enemy has a good type of gun you don’t really see them with pistols that’s just suicide if you have a pistol versus somebody that has a SMG or something
pikminboy · 26-30, M
[@936727,LadyMadame] exactly... also, its always a suicide to go alone versus plenty of cops against you
murderinaLatina · 31-35, F
[@950803,pikminboy] right, I feel like some enemies do it on purpose and raise their gun because they know that once you raise a weapon cops automatically got a shoot you and they don’t want to go to prison so they rather die but others are smart enough not to raise their gun because they know they’re going to die
chrishansen1 · 26-30, M
SMGs? LMGs? Are we talking about Mexican police fighting the cartel or something?
murderinaLatina · 31-35, F
[@486909,chrishansen1] I am guessing they’re don’t have them for reason but it’s 2021 who knows what guns cops can have I am just see a lot on tv
Powderflask · 26-30, M
i Find that odd, the police in my middle of nowhere town are better equipped than that.
ozgirl512 · 26-30, F
I'm guessing equipment levels vary from place to place
Uh no. Why is the only answer more?

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