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I Have Been ' Blocked '

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Someone blocked me just for answering their question! Their question was "Is Oregon overrun with Mexicans?" Since I live in Oregon, I answered. I said in my answer that although there is a large Mexican population in Oregon, the state isn't overrun with them at all. But I noticed he deleted my answer and when I asked why and stated that I was just trying to offer him some insight since I live in Oregon. He told me he can't rely on my answer because I'm young and proceeded to belittle me for my age! All I did was give him an answer and it wasn't just a matter of personal opinion, it's a fact! There is a large Mexican population here but it's still a minority. He can look it up himself! But he went ahead and blocked me before I could even reply. I may be young but at least I'm not so immature that I can't admit when I'm wrong and will just silence the truth to avoid being proven wrong.

Here's the question I'm referring to:
Funny how he posted it in the "seeking advice" category.
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Feb 16, 2017
Edited: 2 yrs ago
SW User
People have issues on here. It's no big deal to get blocked.
SW User
@Carver: I called him "WEENIE!" and for some reason he didn't like it.
Carver · 26-30, F
@tilagirl: I'll bet you he's one of those sad, insecure men who always have to convince themselves that they are winners no matter what. 😂
SW User
@Carver: no doubt. If he has a date and she sneezes he probably yells "yes! I made her cum!"
xRedx · M
Yeah, some people can't handle the truth. It's... unbelievable really
hunkalove · 61-69, M
This place is block crazy. Don't worry about it.
Goralski · 46-50, M
Steve42 · 51-55, M
Don't worry about what some random fucktard on the internet says.
SW User
this place just gets funnier and funnier
Carver · 26-30, F
Nice! That's happened to me on several occasions too. Mainly from people much older than me, even if the facts were on my side. Some of these older guys really don't like being proven wrong by someone much younger than they are. It reminds them too much that they're just batty old kooks off their rocker.
I am sorry that happened to you. I recognize that person. I answer one of his questions earlier today. It was like pulling teeth. I mean if you ask a question,you get a response - where you like it or not, it's my opinion. But No, he wants to argue. Ugh! Hey be glad you are blocked. One less idiot to deal with.
This is what I left him on his post and I don't care if I get blocked:
[b][c=#003BB2]What gives you the authority to tell this young person she doesn't have insight? She lives there and you are asking a question regarding the state she lives in. Besides, she probably knows more than you on the matter. Yet your ignorance show how discriminating you are to our youth.[/c][/b]
Tulips · F
You didn't have to do that but thank you. :) You'll probably get blocked too now, lol. But at least he'll know.
@Tulips: Like I said,love I don't care if I get blocked. You chose to state your opinion and it wasn't received because you were discriminated by age. That is not acceptable.
Ynotisay · M
Couldn't see the post. It's either been deleted or, most likely, came from someone I blocked because they were too freaking stupid to have in my little online world. :)

I live in Los Angeles and L.A. County now has a majority Hispanic population. As a white guy I can count on one hand the number of shitty interactions I've had with Latinos. NEVER with a first generation immigrant. The kindest and hardest working people around. And those who have been here for a while are the epitome of the 'family values' chants.

Are there Latino bangers and criminals? Of course. Just like every other race. But the "blame the Browns" shit is nothing but pure nonsense from people who need enemies to explain away their own personal failure.
I am Hispanic - Puerto Rican Born in NYC. I was raised in Miami during the influx of Cubans. So I am well aware of the situation of Immigrant saturation in a city. I am not here to blame anyone. We are stating as Americans the situation as we see it... where we like or not. If we have an opinion, it is our right to state it whether YOU agree or not. I am not here to LABEL anyone and Brown this or that. If you saw me, you would know what I am other than a Proud American Hispanic.
Ynotisay · M
@BemyValentine: OK. Are you sure you're responding to the right person?
@Ynotisay: I am sorry if you were blocked too. But you know if bothers me that when people post a question, We try to respond respectfully. Then it's's not good enough and I'm like... why post? You know what I mean.

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I Have Been ' Blocked '
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