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One thing you dislike about your school?
31-35, M
+ 1 16 replies 28 views Oct 31, 2016 |
SW User
There are too many cool people, I can't possibly be friends with all of them.
edit: they're also getting rid of some liberal arts programs because they're making budget cuts... even though the LA department is making money. you know what's not? athletics. but I'll be damned if they move to D2.
Sazzio · 31-35, M
Aww man! I was not cool myself. Was difficult during pe. Overall I lived with that lie... "I got on fine" but nothing was fine.
BlueMetalChick · 22-25, F
Sazzio · 31-35, M
Please tell me students allowed t keep coats on?
BlueMetalChick · 22-25, F
Oh yeah, of course. It's college, we can wear most anything we want.
hunkalove · 61-69, M
I hated every moment I ever spent in a classroom. And I'm a college grad.
iamnoor · 18-21, F
everyone treats students like crap
SW User
The price
Invisible · 22-25, M
Too many people, cliques, the professors are mostly awful, on campus housing and dining plans are extremely overpriced and still crappy, and it's impossible to get a job or even get the classes you need because there's just too many damn people.
Too many requirements and hours to complete to get a good report, and the rules...I should have gone to a party school so I could have fun like some of my friends
nedkelly · M
NOT being given the freedom to study different subjects, very different today as they have lots more to choose from
hunkalove · 61-69, M
And they pay a fortune for what is really just job training.
Sazzio · 31-35, M
My sociology teacher said same thing once. His idea, for students to freely move in any class they choose n study. Of course adjustments will have t b made and make sure students are in the classes.
Shironeko · 16-17, F
Bullies and rules and that there is no ramen
Sazzio · 31-35, M
Ramen in anime... Like Naruto :p yeh I got bullied too now n then. Most times was "Friendly banter."
not enough space

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