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Anyone been smacked in front of the class at school?
When I was at school it was not unusual for misbehaving kids to be summoned to the front of the class and given a few smacks on the behind with a hand or a slipper. Anyone else had this experience?
70-79, F
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Gumba1000 · M
A bit before my time. Had it in front of friends before and family of course.
When I was a teacher most punishments were dealt with quickly at the front of the class with a few smacks to the recalcitrant pupil. It was quick and effective and meant you dealt with the misbehaviour and could get on with the job of teaching the class.
TheMindBoggled · 22-25, M
Yep. With a textbook. =)
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LesDeplorable · 41-45, M
Yep , we were given the cane or strap in front of the class .
EJTOOO · 16-17, F
no its done in the hall
MartinII · 61-69, M
In gym class, aged 9. Two hard whacks for talking out of turn. And later that term for having dirty gym shoes. Only one whack the second time.
SW User
Yes. I was spanked in front of the class aged 11
Sharon · F
Yes, frequently. Any day nobody got the the slipper would have been unusual. I was hand spanked in infants' school but from juniors' through to 6th form it was the slipper. Usually we got 2 or 3 not very hard smacks but could get 6 real stingers - even more in PE.
Sharon · F
@jackcros: There are often news reports of children being excluded from school for some stupid reason such as their shoes not being bought from the school's "official supplier". I've even heard of parents being fined for keeping their children off school to attend a family funeral. Of course, the stories that reach the news represent only a tiny fraction of the incidents that occur.
jackcros · 70-79, M
When I was 9 my parents wanted to take me out of school for a fortnight to take our first holiday abroad - in Belgium. The Head was all in favour, thought I'd learn more there than in school - a realist.Now it's all a system with no thought.
Sharon · F
@jackcros: I'm not so sure there's no thought involved. I think they've just hit on another opportunity to extort money from parents, just like forcing them to pay extortionate amounts for school uniforms.

Modern schools are all about satisfying headteachers' pathological need to exert control over others, nothing to do with education.
Thankfully no! But my parents said it was like thst when they were in school.
Many times. Not having homework done, not paying attention or talking in class were the most common reasons.

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Anyone been smacked in front of the class at schoo... | Education | Similar Worlds