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Did or does school come easy to you?
22-25, M
13 replies
Jan 16, 2018
SW User
I found the work easy but I had trouble applying myself as I got older.
TheProphet · M
Always easy for me.
SW User
I often wonder about this. It did up until I was about 15. I think I would be at the top of my class if I was mentally well. But I'm not. So I'm not. And it doesn't.
FurryFace · 61-69, M
its easy if you study hard otherwise its a Pain in the Butt at my age but that French part has to go , i hate it
OKWTF2 · 46-50, M
yes for me it did, if I pay attention and do what ever reading was needed I could pull a solid B, maybe A- in most classes, even in some of the college classes.
Always been pretty good in Mathematics so not a lot of trouble with that or the Sciences. Although I can write fairly well, I can't spell to save my life so if it were not for spell check I would be in trouble though.
Gusman · 56-60, MVIP
School was the pits for me. I remember staring out the window for a large part of the day.
Without bragging I was intelligent enough to not have to study too much to pass all subjects. Even skipped a year.
Though I still wanted out. Only completed year 10 and done a 4 year trade course.
SW User
The work wasn't hard. I wasn't motivated at all though lol. College was different because I actually enjoyed it.
SW User
When I went to primary school I loved every bit and had such cool little friends ( we caught up later on Facebook which was cool until Facebook became uncool lol so I left 3 years later) high school was OK re friendship it could have been so much better but I absolutely loved learning so my time there wasn’t in vain, I tried my best to study the curriculum as I had just moved over from another country and grasping that took a while but in the end I got there. Sometimes I feel like asking my parents “do you actually realise what I went through re the change?” It wasn’t easy but I have never asked them that and I shall never ask them that now either, I prefer to keep on keeping on 💃🏻🎶😎
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Did or does school come easy to you? | Education | Similar Worlds