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I Am Different

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I reckon I am. I am not depressed, heart broken, nor considering suicide. I had good loving parents who raised me right. I chose my own paths , and blame noone for the good nor the bad in my life. I don't feel any need to create drama to garner attention.
I am not every ones cup of tea, and that is alright by me. I am me and I am good with that. Being part of a Clique, or sucking up to be liked has never been a part of my personality and never will be.
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Feb 13, 2018
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MarkPaul · 22-25, M
Thanks for letting me know. And, probably some good attitude that we all can appreciate if our pride doesn't get in the way.
[@8638,MarkPaul] Nothing wrong with pride, everyone should have it!! Ego is a different story. We all have's how we deal with it.
MarkPaul · 22-25, M
[@648210,Peterbilt1955] Yeah, that's a good point. I think I may have confused the two. Thanks!
It's simple Mark Paul. Pride is for what you HAVE accomplished Ego is for what you THINK you accomplished. Lifes lessons my freind...and thanks for the comment.
Peaches · F
I commend you on that, good for you!🙂
[@364304,Peaches] Thank you.Life is what we make of it.
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I Am Different
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