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I Marriage

Your top 3 tips for a happy marriage

Just curious on what other people do in their marriage that works.
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gregloa56-60, M Best Comment
Counseling, every marriage needs it. It will stitch your hearts together.
Always help each other. Be there willing to help always. Never deny.
Show each other your love. Treat each other special. Always be kind
JS199226-30, M
[@240020,gregloa] thanks 馃槉

FlowersNButterflies61-69, F
Pay attention, share the spotlight, and make sure they know they're loved.
JS199226-30, M
[@1125727,FlowersNButterflies] Thanks :)
1) Don't get married
2) Don't get married
3) Don't get married
[@421598,Becksta] I feel your pain 馃槥 I think you have a point and renewing it might help people staying in long unhappy marriages.
JS199226-30, M
[@421598,Becksta] how is it outdated?
[@404217,JS1992] We live for much longer than we once used to for a start off. At one time, if you married at 18, you were dead by 40.

These days, we'd need to be looking at getting married at 40 to have a marriage of similar length. The problem with that is that a woman loses her fertility at around 45 - so, who is going to hold out for that long to get married???

People are getting trapped in abusive marriages because they can't find a way out of their situation though abuse. If a marriage has to be renewed... let's say every 20 years, for example... both parties in the couple get to speak privately with the registrar to establish that they understand what a marriage involves and they have a chance to speak out about any abuse that they have lived with over the last twenty years. There's a greater chance of more lives being saved and turned around by getting support to escape abusive situations than we currently have.
Mrsbetweenfatandfit26-30, F
I don鈥檛 feel like I鈥檓 an expert. I鈥檓 happy but it鈥檚 not because we never struggle. I鈥檓 not sure what has worked for us would work for others.
JS199226-30, M
[@455213,Mrsbetweenfatandfit] yeah everyone is different. I get it.
Tastyfrzz56-60, M
Be good friends as well as lovers.
Be able to handle and express feelings constructively
Put each other first.
JS199226-30, M
[@391032,Tastyfrzz] thanks you :)
exexec61-69, M
Love, trust, communication (especially listening)
Tastyfrzz56-60, M
Sometimes nothing helps. Things in the past can get in the way.
MrsKatherineArch36-40, F
1) Accept the person you marry for who they are, not who you think they should be. In other words, don鈥檛 expect him or her to change.

2) Communicate, even if it leads to disagreement. Without communicating, it鈥檚 hard to understand your spouse.

3) Remember how you felt about him/her on your wedding day.
JS199226-30, M
[@186368,MrsKatherineArch] thanks for going into detail appreciate it
MrsKatherineArch36-40, F
[@404217,JS1992] you鈥檙e welcome! Marriage doesn鈥檛 magically become happy, it takes work. Good luck!
These are based more on mistakes that we made in our marriage.

1. Know how to communicate and disagree in a healthy way.

2. Make your spouse a top priority. Nurture your relationship with them.

3. Keep your autonomy. Don't revolve your life around your spouse. You need to have some of your own interests and goals.
JS199226-30, M
[@600561,midnightrose] thanks so much
Justmerae51-55, F
1.Admit I am never wrong
2.Worship the ground I walk on
3.Good sense of humor
Similar interests

Being truthful

Accepting each others flaws
JS199226-30, M
[@605074,Blondee] thanks 馃槉 wish our main similar interest didn鈥檛 involve the casino lol

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