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Are curvy women more likely to be in relationships than thin women?
My female friends said they envy my curvy figure and most guys prefer women with my figure (hourglass) and thin isn’t everything. My best friend even said, “I’ve been thin all my life and you have no idea how many girls want to have a body like yours! Plus you’re TALL. I KILL for curves! No girl wants to look like a boy. That’s why men hit on you because you have a sexy figure that most women envy. My other friend said, “Why do you think curvy women are in relationships a lot mire than thin women and plus I heard curvy women are fun in bed so stop aiming to be thin and ember your curves! You don’t need a toned stomach and spender legs to be beautiful. Tall AND curvy, girl you got it all! Thin isn’t always great!”
The problem is I’ve always envied thinner girls because they can fit into clothes better and I don’t care what men like. Curves great.
RubySoo · 51-55, F
Woman who are confident with their bodies and know there us a lot more to a relationship than the size of their hips are more likely to be in a relationship .......

Would you really want to be in a relationship based on just what you look like?
SweetiePieLay · 18-21, F
[@329653,RubySoo] of course not but they said curvy women are more fertile and more likely to have good least that’s what I heard.
RubySoo · 51-55, F
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] not true.
SweetiePieLay · 18-21, F
[@329653,RubySoo] Damn I’ve been lied too
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
You got at one so wrong it's not even funny.

Never have I had a skinny women be assertive and want to go out. It's because a heavier set women is more assertive that they get the dates.

If you're slim or skinny be more assertive! Heck I am skinny myself and it's usually a heavier set woman that approaches!

I would gladly date a skinny flat chested women. And always have.
QuietEd2019 · 26-30, M
You finished with curves great in general curves are way more appealing which is probably why your friends are all jealous of your incredible figure. Though I can understand wanting clothes to fit better
QuietEd2019 · 26-30, M
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] there is truth in that, though they can still also find men just need to look harder and not go for guys who love your incredible curves
SweetiePieLay · 18-21, F
[@873485,QuietEd2019] Well I’m seeing someone anyways I just wanted honest answers about this. I don’t know what’s so great about being tall AND curvy? I feel HUGE
QuietEd2019 · 26-30, M
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] that’s cool lovely you’re seeing someone
Darksideofheaven · 51-55, M
Nope, total BS.
SweetiePieLay · 18-21, F
[@1141631,Darksideofheaven] That’s what the articles said!
teechme · 16-17, F
I have always been too skinny
SweetiePieLay · 18-21, F
[@106946,teechme] I have no muscles and my doctor said I need to lose weight. I am close to diabetes and so I used to be 251 and now I’m 243. I’m 5’10 or 11
teechme · 16-17, F
[@1132160,SweetiePieLay] I hope you don't get diabetes
SweetiePieLay · 18-21, F
[@106946,teechme] Thank you. I hope I don’t too.
REMsleep · 36-40, F
How many guys hit on you has nothing to do with how often someone wants to be in a relationship with you.
Most men that hit on you are not looking for a relationship.
Personality and Relationship skills are way more important.
Some men like curvy women, some men like thin women.
No particular body type has everyone 's preference.
But most men do not prefer a woman that literally looks like a boy. That one I can reasonably say is true.
Right now having a big butt and hips are in style. Fat is not curvy so be careful. People use the word curvy to mean fat now.
braveheart21 · 61-69, M
Personally i think many more men these days like women with vurvy sexy bodies... After all the problems the fashion mags caused with the massive size 0 rubbish... Curvy women look healthier too i think..

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