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I Love All You Can Eat Buffets

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Well I do love food, so duh. The problem is just that when I first start to eat I can't stop, even though my stomach is telling me to stop.I just keep piling up the plates and going for more rounds, and I'm just sitting there in pain because my stomach is so full. Anyone else has this problem?
22-25, F
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Dec 7, 2018
johnbgood · 46-50, M
Well you do have to get your money's worth!
[@856134,johnbgood] Haha fair enough, but this usually happens when I'm home too, and that food isn't as cheap, and it isn't endless 🤔
johnbgood · 46-50, M
[@5130,justanothergirlonearth] Yes, my excuse only works when you are eating out
[@856134,johnbgood] Haha indeed it does
I only go to one now. Golden Corral and only for breakfast.

I eat a few eggs and plate of has browns.

and then I eat bacon and sausage until it not longer tastes good
MtEaster · 31-35, M
When it doesn’t happen too often, I can enjoy the feeling of being a little too full
I don't know, but when I first start eating I just continue eating if there's still more food. Even though I am stuffed, and I clearly shouldn't be eating more, I am just addicted to food, in some weird way
MtEaster · 31-35, M
Hmm, I see. Sounds like a lack of discipline or so. I’m glad I know when it is time to stop eating
Yeah it probably is. But ita has been getting better lately though, and I feel so much btter when I'm not always eating haha
ArmyOfOne · 22-25, F
Perhaps it's a deficiency that you have.
[@755319,ArmyOfOne] I don't really think so, because I eat so much, and I eat pretty much everything. But I find food so tasty, and I love eating, so I just can't stay away from food, it is so annoying
ArmyOfOne · 22-25, F
[@5130,justanothergirlonearth] psychological?
I don't know, maybe
Repete · 61-69, M
I have that problem also with me it's basicly one place K FC . I love chicken and every time I go to there buffet that's what I do . I am really glad there's not a KFC closer to me . 😂
I did yesterday and I always eat wayyyyyyy too much, try to get my moneys worth! Ugh!! Hi!
Blondie03 · F
I love buffets too but usually eat a plate plus dessert.
mrsindyjoe · 41-45, F
[@605074,Blondie03] I just love reaching up to give him a kiss. Standing on my tip toes.☺
Blondie03 · F
Cute...we have no choice but to stand on our tip toes[@797643,mrsindyjoe] lol🤭
mrsindyjoe · 41-45, F
[@605074,Blondie03] lmao!!! I know!!😂
4meandyou · F
No. However, my mother thought the Old Country Buffet in Brockton was the best birthday gift ever, and wanted to go there on all of her special occasions. She was good for four or five trips up to the buffet, and always wanted to sit right next to the soft serve ice cream machine.

It was probably some of the worst food I've ever had, just like bad cafeteria food, with the exception of the salad bar and the meat.
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I Love All You Can Eat Buffets
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Well I do love food, so duh. The problem is just t... | I Love All You Can Eat Buffets | Similar Worlds