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I Battle Self-hatred, Anxiety, And Depression

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Although it hasnt been proven by anyone, I know im depressed.My mood changes easily, i always feel alone, and I hate almost everything about myself. no one in my life has seemed to notice that I feel like this,and I want to tell someone,I want help, but I cant find the courage to tell them. I dont know what to do anymore, it has changed how I act so much in the past year or two. I hope someone can save me...but, mabye none of that matters anymore.
18-21, F
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Nov 11, 2015
Hi Kellichu,
please know that you are not alone and that if you need someone to talk to or need some extra support, please feel free to message me and I'll help as best as I can. It may take me a while to respond, but I Will get back to you. Hope you're doing okay.
Kellichu48 · 18-21, F
I am okay right now, but I am grateful for your response. Thank you.
it's very common for teens to be depressed! it's a stage most people go through in life and you can pull through it by putting in hard work and keeping yourself busy. just remember that depression is a symptom. being depressed does not mean you have clinical depression, major depressive disorder, manic depression, etc. so don't ever let anyone tell you you're not really depressed because a doctor hasn't told you so. you can easily look at a PDF of the DSM-5 online and see for yourself the definition of depression. chances are you fit it to the letter. so even if someone doesn't believe you, be strong and take steps to help yourself. i'm always here if you want to talk, i've been depressed for eight years and counting and i understand what you're going through.
Yes i belive in the keep yourself bussy part, i fight depression because of kids at my school and my neighbors, but i love to draw and watch t.v and ect. So it helps to get into hobbies and keeps your mind away from sad things in your life
I have found spirituality has made a difference for me (not religion). You may want to check out this site.
Its ok i feel the same way no one knows how depressed i am, i hide my emotions with a fake smile. I too wish to tell my firends what i go through because noone knows, ill probably tell them when i graduate 11/2 years from know. But dont feel sad ok you have people on EP to message including me if you ever need anyone to talk to though its hard to bring up topics like that. Be happy and love who you im going to sleep im tired lol😊😴😴😴😴

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I Battle Self-hatred, Anxiety, And Depression
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Although it hasnt been proven by anyone, I know im... | I Battle Self-hatred, Anxiety, And Depression | Similar Worlds