I Wish I Could Make You See How You Made Me Feel
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Is this true, for you?


I do not agree. It sort of reduces someone to an object and dehumanizes them. Oh I get it. And I get disliking some behavior, blunders, treatment, or feeling hurt. But how can you separate the two. It seems robotic. The way they made me feel.. [i]was[/i] their mind, their body, their essence, their words, their giving of themselves. That, IS them, to me.
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CCMorgan · 46-50, M Best Comment
Seems a bit shallow, if that is all the person meant to them... and that they don't [i]miss[/i] with every fiber of themselves... it must not have been too deep. I always fall deeply... it's a blessing and a curse.☮️
Magenta · F
[@2159,CCMorgan] I adore this. I rarely fall but when I do, it's to the bones. 🙈

I've always wondered about this when I've seen it posted as it never sat right/didn't quite make sense. Thank you. 💖
CCMorgan · 46-50, M
[@1173,Magenta] Thank you so much! I know we are of a 'like' mind ☺️🤗
Magenta · F
[@2159,CCMorgan] My pleasure.
Indeed we have many of the same views.🤗

SweetMae · 61-69, F
It sounds good on paper.
Magenta · F
[@10109,SweetMae] That's one of my favorite sayings. So many things sounds good on paper, only. Thank you Mae. 🌸
SweetMae · 61-69, F
[@1173,Magenta] You are welcome! 🌹
We are different people to everyone we meet. Therefore, "how you make me feel" is, at least to me, the real you.
Magenta · F
[@1201381,LordShadowfireTheSarcastic] I'm with you on that.
I am just simpler

I love
I hurt
I miss
I care
Magenta · F
[@6757,questionWeaver] Aaw, I quite like that. 😌
melissa001 · F
True for me.
ChampagneOnIce · 46-50, F
I agree with you. I miss the person and who I was with him. How I felt with him is representative of who he is. Love is different with each person I’ve loved, so I miss the person.
Magenta · F
[@327203,ChampagneOnIce] "Who I was with him". Indeed. It's a unique combination between two and can't be replicated.
Iamonfire666 · 31-35, F
I think you have to have one to have the other.
Magenta · F
[@10165,Iamonfire666] That's how I feel too.
Thatsright · 56-60, M
I don’t miss the sum of you. I miss the way you made me feel at times.
Magenta · F
[@342282,Thatsright] So sad. 😔 I thought you liked all of me. ;-)
Thatsright · 56-60, M
[@1173,Magenta] 😉
Magenta · F
[@342282,Thatsright] 🤭
Tumultuous is what comes to my mind …
An overpowered relationship in terms of physical and emotional manifestations. Where couples are more inclined to feel more and express more. This can be good, but it can also be a bad thing, especially if it causes pain for either of you.
Whole heartedly agree 😊.
My behaviour 🤔. Like the way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation or stimulus. I’m all about the stimulus 😊 [@1173,Magenta]
Magenta · F
[@1210041,DelightfulDelectableDelicious] I so relate. Ugh, not always pretty.
Our primal core! 😈
Oh I’m sure I’ll still find it engaging , somewhat appealing and pleasing 😇 [@1173,Magenta]
It hardly seem dehumanizing, just selfish
Magenta · F
[@22111,ImperialAerosolKidFromEP] You mean selfish to feel that way towards someone?
[@1173,Magenta] it's selfish to think only of your own gratification rather than the intimacy that comes with a healthy relationship. Of course there's another thing you might be able to call it: honest
Magenta · F
[@22111,ImperialAerosolKidFromEP] Ok thanks. I think I understand you.
Well, sometimes one behave in ways that cause someone to feel that way maybe. I can understand that, but it's not me. The darkness in a relationship doesn't negate the light.
Gaiia · F
It's them and how they make us feel. That's why it's hard to replicate the same feeling with other people.. There are certain things that makes them unique.. Despite everything.
So it's not just how we feel, but also what they represent to us.
Magenta · F
[@536386,Gaiia] Aw I know you know. 😌
It's a unique combination between two that never exists with another in the same way.
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
Kinda of. I miss everything. Them and what we had. It’s rare when everything fits and feels right. Painful when it’s gone.
Magenta · F
[@11509,Keepitsimple] Yes, so painful when it's gone. Thank you.
KBeeDa · 22-25, M
I think it is aimed at people who ended up ruining you in many ways but you used to love them soo much.

So now you don't miss themm because you know the real them, but you can't help but miss the days and the feelings before you knew the real them.

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