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I Am Still In the Process of Moving On

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Back in November I ended a LDR "relationship." I put air quotes because the guy never wanted to make it official until we could meet each other in person. But he was quite abusive after the first 2-3 months. He would belittle me and manipulate me but I was so oblivious to it at the time so I just stuck with him through it all. He pretty much used me for the entirety of us being together. But a couple weeks after I called things off with him, I decided to block him and try to move on. A month later he came back and the feelings were still there. So we started talking again, he tried to get me back, I was stupid enough to try and make things work even after he told me he kept his ex's nudes when we were together (and he claims he told me about this months before) and he said he had tried replacing me immediately after I left. He would say I was being cold when he was trying to "repair the relationship" but every time I tried to make things work, he would blow me off and acted like he didn't want an actual relationship. I had told him I didn't want another fake relationship so I guess we weren't on the same page. Eventually, he told me he didn't want a girlfriend, didn't have feelings for me anymore, and I had asked why he said everything he did if he wasn't actually serious about wanting me. He said he's just obviously that made me feel hurt since he lead me on and sweet talked me all the time. But recently he had showed me texts exchanged between him and some girl and that's when I decided I need to keep him out of my life for good this time. I blocked him a couple nights ago but I'm still having a hard time. Can't believe I fell for the d*uchebag
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Mar 27, 2017
Edited: 2 yrs ago
now you know ..
fruitlessavage · 18-21, F
Sure do
This message was deleted by its author.
fruitlessavage · 18-21, F
That's true
[c=#BF0080]i can relate to this lol[/c]
fruitlessavage · 18-21, F
I feel bad for anyone dealing with a similar situation lol

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I Am Still In the Process of Moving On
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Back in November I ended a LDR "relationship.... | I Am Still In the Process of Moving On | Similar Worlds