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OMG! I hope this teenager is okay, and that brute

goes to jail!
* The comments on here are disgusting in their lack of humanity. I’m sorry to say that SW has attracted a lot of hateful and cold hearted people recently. I shake my head in dismay and disgust at those who think it’s okay to throw around an unconscious person like a rag doll. What a lack of decency and basic humanity our modern world has created. Shame on you!*
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DUMBSHlT · 22-25, M
I mean... Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
Miram · 26-30, F
[@1127345,GermanAf] stupid and adorable is the ultimate relaxation remedy ever. Video games? You dork.
DUMBSHlT · 22-25, M
[@542305,Miram] Video games are better than life! >:(
Brutal Doom Demon: "DIE!"
Me, with an SSG: [b]BLAM![/b] "No, u." lolz
PepsiColaP · 22-25, F
Oh dont be a snowflake
Nonsensical comment. [@1090951,PepsiColaP]
PepsiColaP · 22-25, F
[@40142,Carissimi] just like your post
I know! [@630459,SimplyChantou]
look like someone didnt want to wear his mask
I bet he won't ignore the no mask sign next time.
I'd have to know what lead to that before I picked a side.
Miram · 26-30, F
[@695370,Straylight] It's crazy and scary
[@542305,Miram] My thought (not knowing what happened yet) was like, did he argue or not wear a mask? Excessive force. Did he assault someone and get dragged away? You reap what you sow.
[@40142,Carissimi] I didnt realize it was over something so inconsequential. I thought the teenager must have assaulted someone or something to get such a reaction from security.
Elessar · 26-30, M
Law and order, as republicans say. Laws need to be enforced with some people.
Miram · 26-30, F
The title of the video is most likely a lie. All official news outlet don't say it had to do with a mask. They refused to service him and he kept sneaking in to the pub.


It's absolutely horrible how the guard treated him.
ExtremeNext · 31-35
[@542305,Miram] the city of Melbourne had one of the toughest and hardest lockdown in the world
Are you really so dim that you designate an actual assault as nonsensical? Either you have no intelligence, or you are a sociopath. Don’t bother responding. I won’t waste my time reading stupidity. [@1090951,PepsiColaP]
PepsiColaP · 22-25, F
[@40142,Carissimi] Yet here you are
Justsomeguy · 46-50, M
That’s some old school teaching there boys and girls!!!
Uncfred · 61-69, M
He needs to taste being choked unconscious, and a lesson in humanity. A trump supporter?
By your age, I’d think you’d have some maturity and intelligence, yet your first thought at seeing such a barbaric assault is “a Trump supporter?” What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you hate so much that seeing a an unconscious person being thrown around like a rag doll makes your mind go there. Don’t bother responding with more hateful rhetoric. I won’t be reading it. [@523681,Uncfred]
Uncfred · 61-69, M
[@40142,Carissimi] N.P
NoahB · 26-30, M
that is a ridiculous amount of force to use. its kind of ironic because there is a bunch of older women in the background not wearing masks either
NoahB · 26-30, M
[@542305,Miram] not trying to twist your words. just don't think its good to equivocate the severity of a misdeed carried out by some bowling alley employee (or whatever this guy was) to the same standards as an agent of the state (police). but i think its kind of getting in the weeds now so i'll drop it
Miram · 26-30, F

There isn't much details to it. I didn't equivocate the severity.
What if he is mentally ill? Even if not, call the police. You know very well if he had a different skin color, this would be world wide headlines, just like George Floyd. Whatever race he is, it doesn’t matter, this is not how you handle a disruptive person. [@1090951,PepsiColaP]
SW User
this video is gross and i can’t believe these comments. i hate anti-maskers but this is a teenager. the man’s actions were brutal and there’s no excuse for what he did to the kid.
Uncfred · 61-69, M
[@1132659,habibti] I agree, the man needs some social tutoring, no matter what the boy did.
Thank you for your humanity. It seems in short supply these days. [@1132659,habibti]
Ok, I'll revise my previous stance. I assumed he did something equally violent to garner that response. But [@542305,Miram] pointed out what actually happened. While the kid was being a nuisance, that was a grossly disproportionate response.
I am so relieved to hear this. You cannot imagine how appalled I am at the lack of humanity from most of the commentators. [@695370,Straylight]
SW User
I do not support violence unless it is in self-defense. If this person was supposed to leave but did not leave, then the manager should call the police and have him removed from the establishment. That's really all there is to it. Violence is not justified simply because you are frustrated with someone.
Miram · 26-30, F
[@845169,LaneOfTheWired] Exactly 👆
Thank you for restoring my faith that not all the human race has lost their humanity. I’m appalled by most of these comments. I never thought I’d see the day when a kid, albeit a nuisance, but did not commit violence was rendered unconscious by a chokehold, then thrown about like a rag doll while unconscious. Too many are okay with this. I’m stunned by them. [@845169,LaneOfTheWired]
SW User
Damn 😂
SW User
After reading the story behind it, I don't think anyone would agree the security guard handled the situation correctly, or that the teen got what he deserved. It ended badly but I can see how it got there, and it's not that the guard is necessarily a bad person.

The kid was acting like an idiot, got kicked out, snuck back in, and while being escorted out the second time ran behind the bar and began serving himself. He deserves to be physically removed from the premises at that point, which is what the security guard seems to be doing albeit dangerously. It doesn't look like the choke is intentional seeing as how he's trying to move him at the same time, and only drops the kid when he goes slack. He doesn't make much of an effort to let the kid fall gracefully, which was probably a choice made out of frustration and one that hopefully he regrets. Again, could've been handled better but I don't think deserving of the moral judgement of casual third party observers. Just looks like a bad decision made by a frustrated dude.
So while any person is unconscious, it’s okay to pick them up by their clothes and throw them outside? A far better idea is to call an ambulance in my opinion. [@1115644,bullygangmember]
Asmae · 31-35, F
Yeah that’s too much
Thank God, there are still people with respect for human life and abhor cruelty. [@509132,DropsOfPain]
jim44444 · 70-79, M
The bouncer lacks the training he needs to deal with a rowdy patron. A chokehold is dangerous and should be the last step before deadly force. I think a civil case could be made but I doubt his actions rise to criminal.

However, the "teenager", maybe 19, had his head up his arse. If he wants to engage in adult activity then start acting like an adult. I noticed the other patrons did not seem too upset, might this had been a recurring problem?
Another inhumane perspective. It seems I am a very different animal from even people I’ve liked and respected. I always knew I was different, just didn’t realize how different until recently. It’s that or people have lost touch with their humanity in this anything goes world. It’s like it’s seeped into even decent people, or at least whom I believed to be decent. [@8129,jim44444]
TexChik · F
I would suspect the young man got what he had coming .
The teenager was not violent, nor committed an act of violence. We have very different values on this subject, so let’s leave it be. [@113373,TexChik]
[@40142,Carissimi] Exile; make them work for their keep. Prison is too good for them.
ExtremeNext · 31-35
[@113373,TexChik] well said ✌️
nedkelly · M
15 second video clip, does not show the whole point of the bouncer being involved - next time put the whole video clip on to see what the kid did in the first place
Apparently, he made a nuisance of himself. Call the police, but don’t render him unconscious in a chokehold, then while unconscious throw him like a rag doll. It’s uncivilized and brutish. [@5946,nedkelly]
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
Unless that was a terrorist I agree with you.
I would of bounced the bouncer/s. Hard. I also would of brought the person back in and made damn sure they were tended to properly because, yeah FUCK THAT.

Had anyone tried to aid the wrongful bouncers, they'd suffer the same fate, double. #FaceFisted
[@40142,Carissimi] Exile; jail/prison would be too good because that's free room and board.
If a child of mine did exactly what this teenager did, you better believe I’m not armed. You don’t throw an unconscious animal around like this. I’d have punched the guy or hit him with a chair if that was my kid. [@113373,TexChik]
Kick him in the balls. Jump on his back, anything to protect my kid.
ExtremeNext · 31-35
lol that's kind of funny, remember everything happens for a reason who know what he did before that you sound like a blessing heart and a Biden supporter
Congrats to security in keeping everybody else safe
You sound like a snowflake Leftist, and even a sociopath. Anyone who finds violence funny is despicable regardless of political persuasion. In case you are too stupid to understand, this isn’t about politics. It’s about humanity and decency, of which you have proved to have neither one. [@412438,ExtremeNext]
babydragon · 22-25, M
I think it's the fault of both sides to be honest, he should not have broken back in and the security should not have been that ruff with him

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