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I've always had my sexual tension since around 13, you know from puberty. And since then it's always been an on and off desire, but usually when it's on, it's a strong desire. I've never kissed anyone, or had sex, but I've always wanted to with crushes and what not of course. I wouldn't actually do it anyway with my paranoia of getting pregnant or from it hurting though and from shyness too. The other day I hugged my friend from behind and I had a strong urge to kiss her, for the sake of kissing someone. I've always wanted to. My boyfriend said he understands what I'm going to (long distance relationship here) and he didn't get mad at me. *sigh* still though I wonder how even a small kiss from a guy must feel or even giving one.
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Oct 30, 2016
SW User
It feels good, don't wonder too much lol. As for the sex part, be sure you can trust the person, it would be cool if you waited a little longer (16-17 at least ;) ) to do it.
wintziee · F
Even when I will be 16 in a year, my parents wouldn't let me out that long for sex to happen lol but yeah of course I'll wait. I'm too shy
SW User
@MsFuzzWuzzOreoCat: good to know. this shyness thing usually thing usually gets better as one grows up, it's going to gonna be alright

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