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I was surprised to find this group

I was surprised to find this group, but here I am. I say “I am going to be rich” because I’m technically poor when it comes to my income. I have two shitty part time jobs that don’t pay enough or give me enough hours. Thankfully I do have plenty of savings.

Why am I going to be rich? Because my father is rich, and I’m his only child. I wish he wouldn’t obsess over it so much, but he’s always going on about the money I’ll inherit when he dies. It’s never too early to think about that, but it shouldn’t consume your thoughts like it does his.

My dad almost died in the hospital this year. He had non-lethal appendicitis, but he kept refusing treatment until his appendix got infected, and the infection kept spreading. It would have been easy to cure early, but he was convinced that it was the end. He just wanted to die and leave me all his money.

Now that he’s recovered from that but suffering other issues like joint pain, he’s telling me that he *hopes* he’ll only be living another 4-5 years unless some miracle happens that totally cures his knees. I pray that happens. The money is nice and all, but I don’t deserve it. What I do deserve is a father with a long, happy, and healthy life.

Here’s the thing. He’s already paying much of my living expenses because he doesn’t know how else to spend it. He just figures the best he can do is help his son. He pays my rent every month. Aside from that, he paid for all my education. While this is definitely a blessing, it’s not all it cracked up to be. Don’t be jealous. It makes me actually feel kind of bad. I’m barely earning any money, yet I can afford this fancy apartment. And he’s talking about buying me a condo soon. I can’t turn that down…but I don’t feel like I deserve it because I didn’t earn it.

I just have this weird guilt complex, almost like I’m stealing his money, except he’s giving it freely.

Ugh. First world problems I know. I’ll never have to worry about money again once he dies and I inherit his money, but I want him to stay alive. I want him to meet my future wife when I find her and our kids/his grandkids.

But once I do inherit his money, how do I explain myself to distant friends, strangers, and potential dates? This is hard enough as is. One time I was talking to a coworker and mentioned that I have a maid come by to clean my apartment every month or two. “You work here part time and can afford a maid?!?” he said. I didn’t know how to respond. Was I supposed to tell him that my dad pays my rent so I can afford a maid?

Anyway, enough whining about first world problems for now. The end. El fin.
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Tell them you made some modest investments and leave it at that. 🤷‍♂️

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