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I Love to Workout

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LOL doing 20 different things with one dumbbell. MY ADVICE! Whatever u do, write it down in a note pad. Take a look b4 doing it.



Unilateral kickback 25kg
Lie chest press 25kg
Unilateral row 22.5kg
Crank the mower 22.5kg
Sumo squats 22.5kg
Lunges 22.5kg


Single curl 25kg
Stand chest press 25kg
Unilateral face-pull 22.5kg
Pronated grip crank d mower 22.5kg
Goblin squats 22.5kg
Unilateral lunge 22.5kg


Unilateral row 17.5kg
Crank d mower 17.5kg
Lunge 17.5kg
Unilateral lunge 17.5kg

NOTE: THE weights mentioned are what I start with but I move the weights down each time. As for Friday, it's low weights but high reps.



Uni fly chest 15kg
Decline Hex floor press 15kg
Uni floor fly chest 15kg


Lie unilateral bend 15kg
Single dumbbell drag 15kg
Overhead uni extention 15kg
Unilateral cross body curl 15kg


Lie uni ext 12.5kg
Uni fly chest 12.5kg
Uni drag curl 12.5kg
Sumo squats 17.5kg
Uni lunge rock 17.5kg

AGAIN! Weights are moved down and rep increased. Sets are always four. Friday reps are high and I do explosion or muscle burn to feel it. Also, lower weight allows me to improve on my form n technique.

End of week two it's back to wk one so two week timetable.
31-35, M
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May 23, 2020
Edited: 6 days ago

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I Love to Workout
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