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I Hate My Body

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I'm gross. I hate my stomach, legs, face, breasts, butt. Urgh! My face too. Nothing nice about me. Ew.
22-25, F
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Aug 12, 2016
HoraceGreenley · 51-55, M
Why do you say that?
CarmenSanDiego · 31-35, F
just wait until you start aging or after you have kids ;)
SW User
Well at least you have a winning personality??
Carissimi · F
You are young, and that means young skin and hair. If you take care of your skin, hair, teeth, hygiene, weight, wear clean and proper fitting clothes, you are one of the beautiful people.

You'll realize this when you are old, so enjoy and make the best of your youthful beauty.
Adaydreambeliever · 51-55, F
grrrr you have to stop looking inward and obsessing about your looks etc... its not good for you or anyone.. so many young people do now.. I am not sure why... but you need to look outward, see the good things around you and in your life.. you need to see that whether we are pretty or not is NOT important and that WE are not the best judge of that anyway.. you will be beautiful to some and not to others.. that's just a fact.. so there is no point worrying so much about looks and body..
Katerinafaith · 22-25, F
As a person who refused her body for once, I know that your time to accept your body will come too. I am not saying it will be just poof and you suddenly will love and accept your body but it will eventually happen.

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I Hate My Body
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I'm gross. I hate my stomach, legs, face, bre... | I Hate My Body | Similar Worlds