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I Love My Job

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[image=] Excuse me, what is that you just put on my desk. I don't want that. You clearly see all the other files already here, yes? Now take that one away. You can bring it back when I am ready. (Says my look this week as I'm drowning in work. Ahhh!) 馃檮
46-50, F
24 replies
Sep 26, 2018
Yet you do it with class.
Justlookin46-50, M
...and audit time is just around the corner!
CallmeJenny6922-25, M
*picks up file* sorry
bobinuk46-50, M
I know that feeling
Mugin1641-45, M
You are obviously not in charge at work.
UserNameSW41-45, M
I'll come back when you are ready
Quimliqer61-69, M
Paddling against the flow is not a good assured, your not alone in the river..
That's not what I'd put on your desk 馃槒
Classy, yet sexy! Stern, yet sensual! I like it!
JoyfulSilence41-45, M
I was on vacation last week and people knew, yet they still filled my inbox with questions while I was away. And then, the day I got back, they followed up. Sheesh! I had not had any fucking time to read all my e-mails, let alone think and reply. Only one guy understood. He even cancelled our weekly meeting since he knew I had nothing new.
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I Love My Job
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