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From your perspective, how can a person thoroughly screw-up his/her life?
What is the most effective way you can come up for screwing everything in life? Explain. Thank you :)
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with intake of psychedelics everynyt
One word - meth.
failed suicide
here's how. tell everyone you know every horrible opinion you have about them. don't just text or send them a private message, tell them loudly in public. then everyone would start to think that you're a complete asshole and hate you so much. just keep doing it and eventually someone would call the police for your excessive harassment.
Go to a really good school, and join a gang of bullies
Strive hard to impress everyone and be a wannabe cool person
Never think a bit about yourself or your future
Marry someone for their body
Go to a job just to get a salary
Post happy selfies on FB
Whine about your life rest of the time.
My personal response to this question is this- keep misusing and abusing God's mercy and grace, rejecting His attempts to help you and eventually you may find yourself alone and without hope, God's enemy. If The Lord leaves a person what hope is there? However, for anyone reading this, PLEASE do not conclude that this has happened to you, no matter how things appear.
With or without prison time?
Give into all impulses without regard for the consequences. Such a person will sooner, rather than later, end up dead or in prison for a very long time. When we use our freedom to choose to participate in less than ideal behavior, we get to pick what we do, but we do NOT get to pick the consequence of our actions. The two, your choice and its accompanying consequence, are inextricably linked. If you select a course of action, you also select its consequences, although you may not recognize it until later.
If you come off as too different in society, you will be deemed to be so worthless by others that you will forever be denied fruitful and profitable opportunity and chances to prove that you do in fact have worth. Because we all know if there is anything society doesn't tolerate it is anything out of it's norm, what it perceives as normal. And yet society in itself is very abnormal and restrictive. Society adopts a mob mentality when anything differs from what society expects or demands. Now, it is true that people can mess up their lives royally. And it can also be said that it is true that where there is failure, there can also be hope and rebirth and redemption. That failure does not have to remain a failure. You can accept responsibility for your failure, and at the same time, work on improving it up from there to something more substantial. But here we have the intolerance and condemnation of society upon you, lashing out, demanding you be perfect, and yet society never looking within itself for all that is imperfect there. And so, a cycle of push and pull ignite ... instead of people UNITING to make things right again, the RIGHT way. Because there is so much ignorance and hatred and need in society to get even, and seek revenge, we are not moving forward in humanity at all, but sliding very downwards into a continual spiral of madness and injury. Does it have to be like that? No. But people rarely remember the saying, judge not for you do not know anyone else's life. judge thy own life for that is your only real concern.

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