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I Adore People Who Are Not Afraid to Share Their True Feelings

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2 people have told me via message,they don't want to communicate with me again. I get frustrated when I see this. If look at profiles,in both cases,it would be realized,theres some experiences in common. I hope this will be given a 2nd chance.
I feel the reason(s) for this might have been misunderstood.This kind of thing seems to occur,quite a bit and isn't my intent,I promise.I try to be cautious about this,but may overlook it sometimes.
I can't know,what might upset someone,unless I'm told. Be honest,but be appreciated,if it can be tried and worked out.I try hard not to block/be rude,and hope that can go both ways.
I don't know if someone is uninterested in chatting,or if what I say,isn't noticed,if no response is given.For these reasons(And believe its rude if someone makes to say hi,ask q,etc),I don't like getting ignored.(It can be overwhelming,but I try to answer anything msg I can,when I'm on here).
SW used to let us start over,if a conversation had stopped.That doesn't seem to be option anymore.
So,if something comes up,or I need to clarify something,let me know.Don't assume.Also,It doesn't need to be only me asking questions,so look at experiences,and let me know what is worth getting more info on.There has to be something.I made sure I joined a variety of groups(For a few reasons).
It shouldn't be considered,a bad thing,some know,that I have been on here(and EP) quite a while.
I enjoy the site(s),and unfortunately,only so much I can do,during free time(or waiting for laundry,food to get cooked,etc).
I admit I just disappear a fair amount.
That is usually due to boredom or needing to sleep,so hard to say something,instead of doing so,when it seems site is quiet.
I feel general chat is important,before getting more personal.I feel if placed on profile,questions should be expected,since that info isn't being kept secret).I only ask,what I see,when looking at groups.Nothing more.Nothing less.
I am more interested in certain topics on here(for sure),but wish I'm not judged by that.That excites me(I admit),but also more fun,esp. if naughty chat is wanted. I like to get to ppl on here.Its how I learn best.Should be kept in mind,I have a disability.
Hope this helps,and don't hesitate,to let whats bothering someone.
Any issues???
31-35, M
5 replies
Dec 19, 2017
Whys0serious · 31-35, M
If you get stuck for something to say just ask them questions, but not sexual questions.
Sounds like you’re just annoying
Whys0serious · 31-35, M
[@33783,MaliaAgain] I think I typed that exact sentence out at first 😅. But I deleted it because I have a soul.
[@615942,Whys0serious] I do too, but it goes to sleep before me
FCNantes · 18-21, M

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I Adore People Who Are Not Afraid to Share Their True Feelings
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2 people have told me via message,they don't ... | I Adore People Who Are Not Afraid to Share Their True Feelings | Similar Worlds