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I Dont Understand People

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Sometimes people will ask me to provide proof to back up what I say and yet every time I do, they still refuse to believe it. Why ask for proof of something if you're still not going to believe it? And then they say I'm the one who's being delusional...
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Apr 10, 2018
SW User
What do you say that they don't believe?
Renikari · F
[@655321,YoJim] Lots of things. I speak a lot of truths that most people aren't comfortable with.
SW User
[@414379,Renikari] sounds intriguing, I will look out for more posts from you
lasergraph · 61-69, M
They never ask for proof for things they agree with, they just accept it as fact.
SW User
ignorance can be excused, staying ignorant cannot.
xRedx · M
Don't even stress trying to make these people understand. They're caved in. It's like trying to teach a cat mathematics. I won't happen.
SW User
Unfortunately research and statistics can be manipulated and misrepresented. I think skepticism is healthy until one has a good understanding of the evidence. There is also so much pseudo-science out there that's it's difficult for many people to understand what is real.
hippyjoe1955 · 61-69, M
Jesus called it casting pearls before swine. People don't want proof they want to be affirmed in their own prejudices.
TuxedoMask · M
I agree with you. For some reason a lot of people’s opinions are half @ss or false facts.
Autumn321 · 46-50, M
Truth is always bitter
Don't bother to provide them proof

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I Dont Understand People
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Sometimes people will ask me to provide proof to b... | I Dont Understand People | Similar Worlds