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I Like to Write About How I Feel

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Sometimes people look nice. Others everybody disturbs me. Sometimes I think I should be discreet and not let my thoughts be known. Other times I feel like shouting loud. Sometimes I have a thirst for knowledge. Other times I want to be a complete ign...
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46-50, M
6 replies
May 5, 2016
If nucleus was found before atom, it would have been nucleus that would have been called the atom. So there is nothing in a name. If nucleus is not in rest, it disturbs the atom and if atom is not in rest, it disturbs the matter in which it is and...
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Apr 16, 2016
As soon as I felt that it might turn into an argument, I backed off. I did not want to spend a single second on stuff like that. I never wanted it. And as soon as I backed off, I remembered so many moments in the darkness of my memories where I just ...
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22-25, M
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Feb 27, 2016
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I Like to Write About How I Feel
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