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I never told you this I swear I'm not recalling it wrong.

A guy told me he's never cum from sex before. 馃 surely that's really rare?
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Lackwittyname46-50, M
Wow, that would suck, definitely seems it would be rare
[@1430,Lackwittyname] he was one of those rare people who are very sexual but don't sleep around.
That's possible...
nuddie61-69, M
Seems strange to me also, can鈥檛 see that being possible
[@734363,nuddie] said he had to pretend to avoid hurting her feelings.
not for a virgin
[@15458,Usedtohaveanoffensiveusername] he did seem really simpish.
[@411057,PaleandPolluted] well if he can at least do some tricks for you he won't be totally worthless.
[@15458,Usedtohaveanoffensiveusername] hes long gone. Still friends though.
Strongtea18-21, M
I didn鈥檛 really enjoy it, happy to wait now.
Is he addicted to porn? Porn can destroy your sex drive and ability to orgasm, especially to anything that's not porn.
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] not sure he was very thirsty. My was and he was useless in bed.
ozgirl51226-30, F
Makes me wonder what he does cum for?
Riemann26-30, M
Maybe that's a bait...
[@1177416,Riemann] it's a good one but i think it was true. Wasnt enough to make me want to pursue anything though.
[@411057,PaleandPolluted] looks like doesn't feel comfortable enough in sex so can't cum. Like some women that have never had felt an orgasm during sex
[@516864,ozgirl512] hehehe and that's an advantage
ozgirl51226-30, F
[@536386,Gaiia] Always....
Pherick41-45, M
I mean woman say they can't cum from sex, but can on their own. I imagine it can be the same for guys, though somewhat more rare.
[@376875,Pherick] you can guess that i perked up upon hearing him say that lol
BackyardShaman61-69, M
Rare I鈥檇 say, but not impossible.
I had to fake an orgasm one time, and a few others I just stopped from going to long.
He was probably trying to get you to feel sorry for him so you would have sex and make him cum lol
[@712464,Bimyself] for someone like me that likes novelty it definitely struck a chord lol.
[@411057,PaleandPolluted] 馃
Dolimyte36-40, M
I've never cum ever.

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