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More sadness and pain. This guy has just done this

He video chatted 21 days in a row until he didn't want to and was no longer sexually attracted to me. He now refers to video chatting as making an effort and he suspiciously picked a time where he would have to go quickly! He was sat in the dark as was I. He did that before when we weren't arguing though picking that strange time where he would have to go. We planned to do something sexual I think he was trying get out of it. When that was planned he was just trying to appease me. He knows that's what I wanted to hear.

His excuse for not video chatting keeps changing. One minute it was busy with family, next he was waiting for me to ask him for once, next it was he was trying build more of a friendship instead of doing sexual stuff. It's all lies, it's so obvious. "Not everyone has free time." You had enough free time the 21 days straight you found me attractive! He had free time to show off his stupid Pokemon shit or record some stupid YouTube vid.

I keep thinking he would miss me but he doesn't or he would have asked to cam.
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Internet engagements of the social kind are hard to put any faith in much of the time. People are lonely, they're bored, they use each other for cheap thrills or company when they feel like having it. You can end up being much like a takeaway pizza, you're not an every day requirement. You do find exceptions to that but they are indeed exceptions.

The only real way to be sure that you don't just end up wank material for a guy is to not put out for some sustained period of time. If you give it up early you'll get the users and abusers. Even the ones with slightly better intentions can have their interest saturated by sexual interaction, leaving normal conversations feeling hollow by comparison.
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[@411057,PaleandPolluted] Oh, lmao! Well, it can kind of burn out once you've seen it all and done it all, because it's really just visual stimulus.
[@1077412,xxxzzzxxx] they didnt see it all. They just didnt want to do that anymore. It was addictive.
[@1077412,xxxzzzxxx] now he can follow stupid ass whores on Instagram and call everyone his best friend and tell them they are beautiful because I don't care.
I think i know what happened its a bit crazy.
his wife must have changed her work schedule
[@15458,Usedtohaveanoffensiveusername] hes only 21, he has f all just like me

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