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Did anything make your day today?
My niece told me that she loved me 馃槉
kellaaay92026-30, F
that's sweet
chasingTuesday36-40, M
[@1119699,kellaaay920] 馃槉
A girl at the gym, who's a former coworker, told me that I look great. That felt really good.
chasingTuesday36-40, M
[@1156195,InkBot] Awesome :)
KuroNeko36-40, F
I saw two stags on my walk. I'd never even seen one stag in the wild before.
chasingTuesday36-40, M
[@1095867,KuroNeko] Oh cool :)
MarineBob56-60, M
I drove around looking at used skid steers and stopped by a friends shop, he loaned me his in exchange for helping him change out his florescent lights this winter
chasingTuesday36-40, M
[@2021,MarineBob] That was nice of him :)
MarineBob56-60, M
[@1093380,chasingTuesday] very nice of him
Miklee0246-50, F
Picked up my grand pug today..... he鈥檚 spending the day with Grammy 馃

chasingTuesday36-40, M
[@20460,Miklee02] Aw 馃槅
Miklee0246-50, F
[@1093380,chasingTuesday] the cutest... right?!?
I saw my favourite support worker...... The angelic Ria.. OoOOoooOOoooo.. Her presence always makes ya boi bear tremble. 鈹敶鈹敶鈹も⑨触 鈥⑹/
chasingTuesday36-40, M
[@1045785,bearinthemediumREDmansion] Hehe, lucky you ;)
[@1093380,chasingTuesday] Nnnnnnnnnot so much!! She sees me as a mouth breathing retard BUT THAT GOES WITH THE TERRITORYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY of this kinda job but I digress. Weewooooooooooooooooooo!!.. My niece only gives me awkward looks then hides behind her MOMMA!! Lil cutie. 鈹敶鈹敶鈹も⑨触 鈥⑹/
stonesandripples26-30, F
I studied a few pages. It's better than studying zero pages.
chasingTuesday36-40, M
[@1089099,stonesandripples] small steps :)

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