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I’m not ok and im tired of pretending like i am
I get so much anxiety during the day and a lot at night as well. Everyone in my life turned on me and I still can’t believe it. I’m by myself everyday pretty much all day, the only person I speak to is my sister sometimes, my heart feels shattered. I hate how highly sensitive I can be sometimes. This shouldn’t affect me as much as it does but I can’t lie about my feelings. The support system I had is no longer there and the only thing going through my mind is, what did I do? I can’t focus enough to manifest and heal my heart. I don’t feel confident enough to express my emotions because I feel they’ll be shut down. The pain is making me cold and the anxiety is making my thoughts extremely negative 😔. I’ve worked so hard to put suicide behind me but I feel unwanted and unworthy. I just want to go away. All I see when I close my eyes, are my babies and I just wanna be with them.
22-25, F
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Feb 15, 2020
Kingfish28 · 26-30, M
Life can be a cold mistress.
Lissa · 31-35, F
I'm not ok either. I just pretend.
Fantasyproject · 22-25, F
Me too 😔[@585989,Lissa]
Ian123 · 56-60, M
I’m so sorry that you feel like this I had a very bad time when my mother died some years ago. All I wanted to to was go to sleep and wake up when all the pain was over. Having said that it is in your power to change it, I began to get involved with the world again and slowly began to rebuild.

It does take time and you need faith, but you can do it. I do hope that all goes well for you 🤗
Fantasyproject · 22-25, F
That’s the problem, I’ve lost faith. I don’t believe in anyone, I don’t believe in myself. Everything just happened so fast, 2 weeks ago I was happy. I was trying to at least save the relationship with my husband but I can’t. I can’t get past the betrayal. I never really acknowledged my feelings before when I felt this way. I’d put it in the back of my mind and pretend like I’m ok. I’m not doing that this time. I’m allowing myself to feel and go through the pain [@899452,Ian123]
Ian123 · 56-60, M
[@1005903,Fantasyproject] This is very good and eventually you will feel better. Take your time but you must have faith, I think that will come, just have good experiences and in time you will believe 👍

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I’m not ok and im tired of pretending like i am | Personal, Thoughts & Feelings | Similar Worlds