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Is honesty the best policy?

Lostpoet · 31-35, M
Never is
Rokasu · 31-35, M
[@843186,NunIover] What else isn’t the best policy?
[@16030,Rokasu] paying a hooker before you done
You would think so!

But apparently not.
🤣[@16030,Rokasu] well - id have to tell you the truth - and this is the problem.😁
Rokasu · 31-35, M
[@710185,BoobooSnafu] Oh shei 😳
[@16030,Rokasu] 🤷‍♀️

GreenGoddess · 22-25, F
Depends on the situation.
Bootsiebaby · 41-45, F
Yes, indeed it is.
SW User
Nah. Mutual assured annihilation is the best policy...
Mindful · 51-55, F
Deception leads to confusion and ultimately chaos.

Honesty is the cornerstone that leads to finding solutions to problems.

You have to decide what kind of world you want to live in. That’s what you believe in. Then that’s what you practice.

One is more challenging than the other.
rckt148 · 61-69, M
[@8567,Mindful] I have a message to share in due season
I have tried to explain it a little before time
so I am not in a debate that is not going to matter
Its not my words and my opinion will have no bearing on it
I can at best only be told like Abraham ,if you can find 10 ,get them out of there .its happening ,like it or not
But I often run into the religious who want to tell me the teachings of their church ,the same error I taught when I was a minister and God told me I was not serving Him ,I was following traditions of men that oppose Him
and He sent someone to me to make it clear how ,,I was shocked to see how much of my beliefs were based on things I had been told by others
but not based on the precepts of Gods word
He wants all of His on the same page ,sharing His Gospel not our own
Not our interpretation ,if we believe it is all inspired by Him
and we have the holy spirit in us ,,He will lead us to see the truth
But to a carnal mind ,His precepts are foolishness ,and He told us it was meant to be that way ,so in the end ,those who do not have His spirit as our guide ,and comforter will find their beliefs were mere foolishness
His word is sound ,the same yesterday ,today and forever ,
He has allowed me to see ,,I can't move someone who is blinded by the prince of this world ,,if they are not born again ,ask Him to show them
He is sending them strong delusions ,and they can defend lies to the bitter end ,He is not forcing anyone to listen
But the last angels to harold the 3 angel message won't be winged
It will be us ,,the saints of God ,that kept the commandments of God
and the faith in Christ to the very end ,no matter who believed we spoke for God ,,they were told to try the spirit and see if we are of God
not for us to try and convince them

1 Corinthians 2:14 King James Version (KJV)
14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.

They must be born again ,or what we say won't make any sense
it will be the reaping that separates the wheat from the chaff
The chaff will chose the popular road that leads to destruction

Thats what I know ,,God said so Even if the whole world was to think me nuts for sharing it ,,like Lot and his family
I am sure there will be some we will have to drag out for them to see
Mindful · 51-55, F
I do not think you are nuts for sharing your faith at all. I was also letting someone else no that the truth isn’t a debate. It’s clarity. [@9499,rckt148]
rckt148 · 61-69, M
[@8567,Mindful] then we agree ,,I know you and I have never had a problem that I know of ,,but when I post something like this its not just for the person I am responding too ,there are many that do believe Grace is a licence to sin
and Gods laws ended at the cross when actually He wrote them on the hearts of all who believe in Him ,,
So thank you for you're response
I was just making sure we are on the same page 🤗🤗❤️
Spokeskitties75 · 41-45, M
Except if you’re in the mob... then you are a rat...

And bad things happen then
Mindful · 51-55, F
The mob began with self deception and greed feeds it[@362821,Spokeskitties75]
curiosi · 56-60, F
At times, discernment is necessary. Such as when your wife asks does my ass look big in this? The proper answer is No, not at all.

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