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Have you ever wanted to escape?
Have you ever thought about leaving your everyday life because it became to confusing and routine?
I want to leave, and explore, adventure, and discover. Discover who I am meant to be. Not what my family and friends expect. I often times find myself changing who I am depending on who i am surrounded by. It’s gotten to the point in which I am unsure who I really am. And do I even know her?...
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Jul 12, 2019
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Jersos · 22-25, M
All the time. I have thoughts to escape from this life....and go to some countryside....I want to live beside a hill....and have afarmhouse with many animals....I want to live and spend my time amongst nature, away from the hustle and bustle odd city life....
Lost1 · F
i was thinking of the country side.
Jersos · 22-25, M
[@953066,Lost1] we can go then. What places are you dreaming about? I love Swiss Alps.
Lost1 · F
I never heard of that. But I was thinking of some place in the United States 😂. But maybe a different country would be nice change, who knows.
Jersos · 22-25, M
[@953066,Lost1] let's go there hehe

It would be a nice change, trust me. Watch Rick Steve Europe in YouTube
Lost1 · F
Have you ever been?
Jersos · 22-25, M
[@953066,Lost1] lot of times when I'm closing my eyes, watching videos and dreaming

Lost1 · F
Lol okay. Well, why Switzerland?
Jersos · 22-25, M
[@953066,Lost1] because I saw this and fell that no other place can be as beautiful lol
Lost1 · F
It’s very beautiful, the mountains in the background are amazing.
Jersos · 22-25, M
[@953066,Lost1] I told you. We should definitely go there. Let's keep in touch haha

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