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Have you ever wanted to escape?
Have you ever thought about leaving your everyday life because it became to confusing and routine?
I want to leave, and explore, adventure, and discover. Discover who I am meant to be. Not what my family and friends expect. I often times find myself changing who I am depending on who i am surrounded by. It’s gotten to the point in which I am unsure who I really am. And do I even know her?...
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Jul 12, 2019
Meowsolini · 46-50, F
Yes, I have felt that way before. Travel helps a lot.
Jersos · 22-25, M
All the time. I have thoughts to escape from this life....and go to some countryside....I want to live beside a hill....and have afarmhouse with many animals....I want to live and spend my time amongst nature, away from the hustle and bustle odd city life....
Lost1 · F
It’s very beautiful, the mountains in the background are amazing.
Jersos · 22-25, M
[@953066,Lost1] I told you. We should definitely go there. Let's keep in touch haha
Lost1 · F
Lol of course.
SW User
Do it and do it now, before the day to day grind gets its hooks in you.
AllyGator · F
Going off to find peace, serenity or exploration and adventure is one of life's greatest pleasures. I highly endorse it.

Just remember though, that wherever you go there you are.
ISpeakTheTruth · 31-35, M
Escape from what? And to where?
Lost1 · F
My life, and I’m unsure.
ISpeakTheTruth · 31-35, M
[@953066,Lost1] Somewhere over the rainbow?
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
You certainly have to do that before you get bogged down with family, kids and the whole catastrophe
energie · M
Lost1 · F
lol thanks for your emojis of encouragement. Highly appreciated. 😂
energie · M
[@953066,Lost1] 😂
SoFine · 41-45, F
Remember when you go, that your mind takes with you, your old hurts.
You may change cities, countries, yet your pattern of how you react to situations, remains the same.
At first, it will appear different, yet overtime, you will revert back to your behavior much the same, as your thinking has not.

The world will change, when you change your thinking about the world.

The best gift that you give you - is peace of mind. This gold in life, will come from a still mind, no constant thoughts, that mull over what or how people behave.

Build up your Worth of self, your self love. Then you won't want to waste your time on mulling over other people, you will be at-homr in you, at peace.
You're at a perfect starting point. You may not know it, but you are so much freer than people who are absolutely certain of who they are.

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