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What is your biggest insecurity?
It doesn’t even have to be anything physical. But mine is probably my weight, even though i’m skinny. I have a really bad habbit of obsessing about how skinny I am and losing weight when I don’t need to.

What about you?
22-25, F
9 replies
Mar 16, 2019
Cowboybob · M
Mine is thinking that I’m being ignored. I hate that feeling!
Jonjdw · 41-45, M
Probably not a good conversationalist with new ppl
IntrovertedArtist · 26-30, M
The fact that I never know what to talk about half the time.
ChiRho · 22-25, M
My short temper lol I find it to be pretty shameful but i’m working on it
ShayAdonia · 22-25, F
[@576928,ChiRho] Dude same. My attitude is from hell
ChiRho · 22-25, M
It sucks so bad to grit your teeth and let things go sometimes but it’s usually worth it in the long run [@474305,ShayAdonia]
Aiyana · 22-25, F
My body sucks. Not for any good reason, just because it's mine.
patkaren1717 · 31-35, M
When i dress as a Women i never think that i look good enough. I am always trying that one little thing to make myself look better.
rjc36 · 51-55, M
I would have to say it is my physical appearance. I am probably in the best shape of my life at this point but I still wish I looked better.
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