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What was the last thing you got for free?
31-35, M
14 replies
Mar 15, 2019
Entwistle · 51-55, M
Tonight's dinner.
Privatehell · 46-50, M
Oxygen about a second ago, nothing else is free
PoizonApple · 36-40, F
5 tee shirts
ForeverGrowingOld · 18-21, F
Prolly coke
MovingOnUp · F
A free donut coupon.
GreenGoddess · 22-25, F
Dinner two nights ago.
tiggerandariel13 · 36-40, M
cascade dishwasher detergent a year supply when i bought my new dishwasher
Doomflower · 31-35, F
Two months supply of nicotine patches and gum
GreenGoddess · 22-25, F
[@85866,Doomflower] Do you smoke?
Doomflower · 31-35, F
[@336791,GreenGoddess] not anymore!
GreenGoddess · 22-25, F
[@85866,Doomflower] Congratulations 🎉
Fairydust · F
I’m really lucky, I once got my whole groceries for 2p in Tesco, the card machine was playing up, when I checked the receipt on my way out, it said was 2p lol, I walked out, I checked my bank a day later and was 2p
I once went to buy 3 tops and only charged for two.
Once I went and treated my mum and few others to morning brunch and paid when I checked the bill, I think I got the wrong one, which was way less ... opps

Happens all the time....

Beatbox34 · 26-30, M
A PS4 😂
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