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How do you tell someone they hurt you?
I just... don’t know how to do it. They don’t want to listen or hear what I have to say and all I want is some sort of apology... it’s tough putting on a smile and pretend everything is okay when it’s not. It hurts a lot and it feels like it will never be resolved
18-21, M
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Feb 18, 2019
Death · 18-21, F
This is me all the time. Just tell them.
Lordhaha1 · 18-21, M
[@888859,Death] I’ve tried to talk about it... they just don’t want to listen to what I have to say
Death · 18-21, F
Then they’re assholes. They don’t respect your opinion or your feelings. They’re degrading you. You can try forcefully telling them. Make it seem that you’re serious and you demand to be heard.
Lordhaha1 · 18-21, M
[@888859,Death] I know I’m just a toy to them. I have been. Will continue to be... yet I still care
Time to move on, waste of time and energy if they will not listen...
Blynx · 46-50, F
[@644484,Lordhaha1] It's not worth it trying to keep a friend, if you have to be fake and pretend all is okay when it isn't. A real friend wouldn't do that to you.
Lordhaha1 · 18-21, M
[@362624,HeartWingz] i went through hell and back... it really hurt and I tried to talk but it was my fault... still is. I spent many nights crying going through my feelings. Almost wound up back in the hospital.
Blynx · 46-50, F
[@644484,Lordhaha1] Regardless of whose fault it is, you have attempted to discuss it. There's not much you can do if they are not willing to listen. You can continue to care, but you need to stop letting them use you. I'm sure they know you're hurting.
TheCensoredBrot · 26-30, M
Oi, fuckwit. What you said to me is unacceptable. Apologise or fuck off

Or something like that.
Lordhaha1 · 18-21, M
[@328513,TheCensoredBrot] Ha. I’ve thought about that. Usually not like that.
LostLissa · 31-35, F
If they don't wanna listen to ya then you can't tell them. And they won't apologize either. Cut them outta your life. You will feel better in the end.
Lordhaha1 · 18-21, M
[@585989,LostLissa] I suppose... I did for a while... now I’m right back
LostLissa · 31-35, F
[@644484,Lordhaha1] you need to cut them out for good unless you don't mind being hurt over and over again.
Perry4444 · 51-55, M
Say it like it is if you have a just cause to.
Snowvixen · 26-30, F
Text it. They cant avoid the situation, you wrote it out. If they ignore it move on, if they respond at least you're getting somewhere.
Fauxmyope · 26-30, F
If the person doesn’t care to listen and hasn’t the self awareness to apologize, it is time for you to move on and hang out with someone nicer.
Just let them know - if it bothers you that much .

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