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Dreams are too real sometimes,
Had one of those dreams that feels super real, during and a few seconds after, had a child in the dream, I swear felt like the most real thing ever, usually those dreams are really out of it and strange, but this one was just "you have a baby" I think I know why I had the dream and what thoughts it came from, but daaaaamn, it doesn't sound mind bendy I know, but it honestly was, and I've had really mind screwy dreams before
22-25, M
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Jan 7, 2019
TwiddlerofThumbs · 41-45, F
Sometimes I have dreams that feel so real I’m surprised to wake up in my room.
deonboy89 · 22-25, M
[@6361,TwiddlerofThumbs] I've gotten that a fair number of times, often a disappointment that what I dreamt wasn't real
TwiddlerofThumbs · 41-45, F
[@3381,deonboy89] I've had a few of those. and a few where I was relieved to find myself not in that situation.
deonboy89 · 22-25, M
Yeah I can relate to that, but these days for me it's mostly just fantasies I wish were true, like still being with my ex and her lil boy
JammieDodgerHeart · 22-25, F
I've had some dreams like this where I've woken up and I've just been relieved it wasn't real because it had felt so real
deonboy89 · 22-25, M
[@813162,FoundandLost] oftentimes for me it's a mix of "phew it's not real" and's not real...."
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