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What do WE want from people?
Why is there a need to have friends or wanting comfort when one's feeling down, yet not letting anyone reach out, or thinking if they REALLY want to do that for you? Why is there love between people? Are we all selfish? Or is this how we were made to think? Is this just our "built in" thought? Or can we actually live without these things if we try?

These are just my own random thoughts. 馃槄
18-21, F
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Jan 9, 2018
Jibby51-55, C
For me... I just want them to shut up
MysterySci18-21, F
[@563795,Surfcrab] Why?
Jibby51-55, C
[@11682,MysterySci] I guess just for the f*** of it let's end this conversation is very draining
MysterySci18-21, F
[@563795,Surfcrab] I'm very sorry. Apologies to you. 馃槬
freeb56-60, M
Reassurance, love helps spread the hurt, makes it less harmful. Tribal instincts developed long ago, protect your group...I'm not sure how much humans were in love with each other when we first became homo sapien 1 or 200,000 years ago...maybe love is just a bond for protection and comfort. I don't believe there's one person meant for everybody, don't believe we're a monogamous species. Interesting stuff, thanks
MysterySci18-21, F
[@666182,freeb], I mentioned that it's nothing angelic 馃槄

And me too! Libraries and books. 馃槏馃挋
freeb56-60, M
[@11682,MysterySci] hahaha @ nothing angelic 馃檭 馃挋 But if it's from the heart, then it counts as the real deal, angelic or not...who wants angelic anyway? Give me a devil, I'd rather laugh wit the sinners than cry with the saints! 馃挋 :) lol you're funny, you should write comedy :) Got to run for a bit, have a nice day miss
MysterySci18-21, F
[@666182,freeb] Well...thanks I guess. 馃槄 And it's almost morning here. 馃槄

Good day. :)
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