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Seriously, how many people can you block on facebook?

I only blocked less than 10 people. One of them is my half cousin half b*tch who has a habbit of lurking profiles and announces more shitty on how unfortunate she was, angry thoughts about it everyday, she does annoying selfies every now and then. I don't want that on my feed.

And that distant relative who creeps me out by calling me on odd hours or constantly PM me when I'm online about that there's nothing wrong having relationship with a kin.

The guy who was an ex boyfriend of my two friends who thinks he can work it with me too, yikes hell no.

The ex boyfriend who had blocked me so he can successfully break up but of course I love to return the favour the moment he unblocked and told me he missed me. Duhh. Blocking him is for good.

The sis outlaw who shares the world on how unhappy her marriage was and took our family name out of the picture were in fact my parents had made an effort to make their relationship work. Without my parents their shattered.

And the rest of them are jerks ;)

I know someone who almost blocked the entire city...I wonder how many people can you blocked in there??
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I never block anyone
LmaoDaily46-50, M
Give them back some of what they give out 馃槇
Jentlemen46-50, M
I also block a lot of people who are on FB for the most of the time and never post anything ; you will be silent and stalk my life ? - no. I even tell them they are blocked and why.

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