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I Am So Sleepy But I Dont Want To Sleep

I’m sorry, but I’m in tears right now!!! I’m very tired and I CANT SLEEP! It’s not that I dont want to, I just can’t!!!

My backache doesn’t let me sleep! I CANT MOVE ANYMORE!!!!!

I tried getting out of bed and it took me like five minutes when it usually just takes me seconds. I couldnt stand straight nor walk because the pain is unbearable!!!! I tried crawling, but any little movement causes me so much pain!

I want to go the hospital, but they always say the same crap!!!

I hate this!!!!! It hurts!!! It hurts!!! It really hurts!! I feel like they are tearing me apart from my spinal cord!! The pain is unbearable!! I want to get my parents so they can comfort me, but it’s 4AM and dont want to worry them!!

It hurts!!! :’(
rckt148 · 61-69, M
I feel your pain ,I suffer from a severe bone disease
most days I am do just fine ,but on the days I can't ,I just can't
Super hot baths help me
but I would go to the ER and tell them its hard to breath and ask for a shot that is a muscle relaxer .
They are cracking down on pain meds ,but if you let them know you are not seeking pain meds ,just something to relax the muscle
they may give you a shot that will help right away and pain meds
but if you just come in screaming you need pain meds ,
usually they won't give you any
rckt148 · 61-69, M
@KayraJordyn I am glad you mentioned Christ ,,I try not to come off as to preachy here ,I usually only testify when someone opens the door
My Daughter was crippled from 8 -12 ,her leg broken in 2 places that would not heal ,her disease so advanced she was in a body brace ,
CMS paying all medical bills and she was a Guinea pig for all kinds of tests until her Mom finally stopped them ,she could not run and play ,home schooled and on SSI ,,but she crawled to the alter and back again ,until one time she said God touched her ,,she was up and running and playing .
many so called prophets spoke over her saying she would never walk again but she would preach from a wheel chair .
She not only still walks at 37 ,she is a nurse taking care of some of the same people she was in the CMS program with ..her medial records can't list an explanation ,they wont say "Miracle" but it does say it looks like she grew a new spine ,impossible ,but thats whats cool about out Father ,thats when He shows up ,when its impossible .
They have called me a liar for over 20 yrs
I have been to PHS New Orleans that also said my knees were normal
But when they did chest XRays they always noted the changes they could see in the discs that showed up in the XRays ,they went ignored ,
So now finally they confirm my knees are bad and I do have a bad back
now their new one is with so much damage how to I still walk and the good one is my range of motion .
The Specialist says all you are taking is 5mg oxycodone 4 times a day ?
Yes Mam ,and you take no other supplements of any kind ? No Mam
How ? You have adapted very well ,this should be impossible ,and I have no problem giving you that many pills ,this is not unreasonable at all for your condition ,are you sure you don't want pain blocks in your shoulders ?
She rotates my arms with her hand on my shoulder ,you can actually hear it grinding ..How ,,I said Mam do you want me to tell you .
The Va has tried for so long to say noting is wrong with me ,
Now they know they were wrong ,,now they want to know how I can still walk .
Its so I can say My Father enables me when man failed me
He is the God of impossibilities .
I have a story about it all in my stories ,why God healed my Daughter and not me
God Bless you and thanks for the encouragement ,I pray that the Father ease your pain and you too can bear it ,
it has been a lot worse ,I was once on morphine ,Methadone ,oxycontin
I am the one who asked to be on 5mg of oxycodone ,,I can't handle the strong narcotics 5 mg does the trick ,it keeps it bearable
Again have a blessed day 🤗😇
HappyFlower · 26-30, F
@rckt148 What a beautiful testimony!!! Beautiful!! God is powerful..
Amazing, @rckt148. It's as if she grew a new spine. And why not? Our God is a God of miracles. Nothing is impossible.

"My Father enables me when man failed me" This is so true. I can't tell you how close to home and beautiful your testimony is for me. It's really important, and I hope you continue to bless others with your life stories. He changes lives every day. He will do so through you as long as you avail yourself to Him.

I too have been on and ditched a lot of those meds. CBD helps if it's legal where you are, if the pills ever stop taking that edge of pain off. I'm proud of you for counting your blessings and continuing on. Thank you for your encouragement and prayer, I pray the Father heals you, and if He choses not to, that He leads you through the pain and challenges that come with your conditions.

God bless you. 😊
I'm so sorry, baby girl. I'm in pain too, unbearable at times, and I'm in your corner. Praying for you, beautiful flower.
Oh, the docs don't know. I've had chronic daily migraine and ice pick headache for 17 years and muscle spasm everywhere that's causing my spine to be pulled out of alignment. Now I have fibromyalgia from such well-traveled pain pathways, it seems. That or it's bs and the docs just don't know how to diagnose me. 😆

Are you feeling any better? 😓
HappyFlower · 26-30, F
Some doctors can be so incompetent!!! Frustrating!
They haven't found what causes it?? Gosh! It's upsetting! They always go for fibromyalgia when they can't explain some cases.. Annoying.

I didn't go to school today. Couldn't walk. I'm slowly going back to walk. Not forcing my back and taking it easy. Hoping it will get better by tomorrow because tomorrow is a very looooong day!
Yes, it is frustrating. Aw, well try and rest and rotate ice and heat if possible. I hope you find relief before tomorrow!
Mysteriousliaisons · 51-55, M
Aww thats awful ,been there and I know all to well. Only thing that helped me was walking everyday and keeping stomach muscles strong to help support spine better .
For seriousness maximum.
HappyFlower · 26-30, F
@Mysteriousliaisons True!! My doctor used to repeated me the same crap! I lost 25lbs to help my back a bit and did some abdominal exercises.. I did see the positive results, but the pain has gotten worse!!
I know I still have to lose more weight, but ugggh, I still have to deal with pain every now and then
Mysteriousliaisons · 51-55, M
Morning My wee little flower 🌸
Don’t give up though ,sometimes the pain can really get one down .
Maybe we can do some abdominals togeather 😏
Keep your sense of humour too! @HappyFlower
Have you been to chiropractor?
Yes, just do what you can to keep your back working and I just hope you find some treatment that can help you.
HappyFlower · 26-30, F
@NightTimeWolf Very sweet of you!! Thank you so much!!
@HappyFlower You're welcome :)
are you a nurse
@HappyFlower back pain I believe is common problem for nurses.Is there a nurses board or organisation that can help you if you can prove it's related to your work
HappyFlower · 26-30, F
@SW-User The truth is that that pain is from an injury from years ago. I was 16 when it happened. Work does not help, but they can’t do anything about it. Thank you for your concern though!
Your welcome and hope you do get some sleep at least

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I Am So Sleepy But I Dont Want To Sleep
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